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Over the years we have learned that listeners to NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock are neither shy nor retiring, if the sheer volume of mail is anything to go by. Sharing a little about themselves and giving us insight into the role music plays in their lives, they have created a real listening community. The importance of radio to individuals everywhere resonates through these selected excerpts, and this obviously endures even in our downloadable, podcastable, multi-channel age. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to write to us.

We'll excerpt one special e-mail or letter each month and send a CD of an artist heard on our radio program to say thanks for every one we feature. We're always pleased to hear from you at: The Thistle & Shamrock, PO Box 518, Matthews, NC 28106 USA or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

T. Ash, Evansville, IN
"First of all, let me say how very much I enjoy your show. I am truly amazed that the USA has become enlightened enough to recognize and support the excellence of your show. My mother (100% German descent) showed me how to jig as a child just like she had learned in Scotland as a US Army nurse at the end of WWII. Your program is pure pleasure to me every week."
Jean Redpath, Scotland
"It’s obviously not just Scots and Irish who listen to ‘The Thistle & Shamrock.’ The appeal of the music is broad. Fiona is doing a sterling job."
John Scheffler, "Our Front Porch"
"I consider Fiona and ‘Thistle’ to be the yardstick by which all ‘folk’ programs should be measured."
R.R., San Diego, CA
"We have enjoyed your program these last several years. Your program is the only reason that we are members of KPBS radio."
W.H., Missoula, MT
"I listen to ‘Thistle & Shamrock’ every week on KUFM, Missoula, Montana. What a wonderful show!…all of the music is enjoyed: sung along with, danced to with lunch in one hand and the volume knob in the other."
L.L., Riverside, CA
"KUSC is doing its fundraiser this week, and several people have said that they are new subscribers because of ‘Thistle & Shamrock.’ Your shows are superb!"
Fr. M.P., Atlanta, GA
"You really do produce the ‘classiest’ and most excellent programs. It seems always fresh, exciting and very much alive."
W.H., Los Angeles, CA
"Just a line to thank you for the great joy your music has brought into our home. We listen with tears in our eyes to the sad Scottish and Irish ballads; then our hearts leap up with joy when they are succeeded by the martial skirl of the bagpipes and the gaiety of the old country reels. Best of all, we love your soft Scottish voice."
M.B., WAMU, Washington, DC
"In listening to you, I have come to appreciate the great amount of quality and professionalism with which you approach your audience. In addition to the quality, I also enjoy the care you take in your selection of music."
D.G., Auburn, WA
"I have been an avid fan of your ‘Thistle & Shamrock’ program for years now, which airs on KUOW in Seattle. Through interest in your program I discovered National Public Radio and all of its other great programs. Now I am a regular subscriber."
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