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Over the years we have learned that listeners to NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock are neither shy nor retiring, if the sheer volume of mail is anything to go by. Sharing a little about themselves and giving us insight into the role music plays in their lives, they have created a real listening community. The importance of radio to individuals everywhere resonates through these selected excerpts, and this obviously endures even in our downloadable, podcastable, multi-channel age. Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to write to us.

We'll excerpt one special e-mail or letter each month and send a CD of an artist heard on our radio program to say thanks for every one we feature. We're always pleased to hear from you at: The Thistle & Shamrock, PO Box 518, Matthews, NC 28106 USA or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

V. Tilley, email
“I was stunned by the beauty of “Duan Albanach” by Billy Jackson, and am VERY anxious to have my own CD of it. …Thank you so much for such a stirring program. The Interview and commentary was equally fascinating, and beautifully framed the movements.”
C. Flaisig, email
“I always enjoy listening to ‘Thistle and Shamrock’ but found tonight’s performance particularly engaging. I so thoroughly enjoyed listening to “Duan Albanach” that I’d like to know if there is, or will be, a recording of this lovely work.”
S. Cadora, e-mail
“The Scottish poem show (Duan Albanach) was unbelievable! I was lucky enough to be stranded in my car for the entire show. It is programming like this that makes me an NPR addict…..Once again, outstanding show. Thank you very much.”
“I want you to know that you have one devoted listener in Croatia from episode 896 - when I received a message from NPR how to listen your programme on Astra Satellite. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your living word.”
Aviano Air Base, Italy
“I listen to your program on NPR worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Network in Italy. I enjoy hearing it weekly and believe it is worth getting up early to hear. Keep up the great work.”
“I absolutely love your voice, its soothing tone and rich accent. Please keep up your wonderful work! I hope to tour your grand islands in my lifetime. Your recent show featuring the Norwegian influence in Northern Scotland sewed up some threads of my life (being of both descents). Thanks you for the beauty of your occupation.”
“The music is so beautiful that I want to laugh and cry at the same time - and I’m not even Irish.”
T. Pence, Redding, CA
“Thank you so much for another great year of programs and newsletters. I look forward to every Sunday when your show is on. I also eagerly await the newsletter to see what great artists will be near me and of course to read Fiona’s letter and the rest. Keep up the great work!”
“I would just like to let you know how very much I have enjoyed your program over the years. I really believe my heritage should have been Celtic rather than of the reasons I am a contributing member of TWO public radio stations. Thanks.”
W. Hester, Hobbs, NM
“I tune to your show every weekend. Your voice is the music I wait all week to experience. You could read the phone book and make it sound like sunshine on the green rolling hills of home. Thank you for enlightening the masses to the exciting ever-widening vistas of Celtic music. The range and depth of your presentation are a constant source of enjoyment.”
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