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Week 16
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April 17: …and Three

This hour features classic combinations of musical threesomes weaving melodies and rhythms together into an intoxicating and perfectly balanced blend.

Week 17
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April 24: Len Graham

Fiona Ritchie meets the legendary singer and song collector from Northern Ireland to chat about the connections between Scotland, Ireland and Appalachia, with plenty of time for a song or three.

Week 18
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May 1: Beltane

The ancient year marked seasonal changes with special festivities and rituals.  Marked at the beginning of May, Beltane is one of four quarter-day festivals.  Join in our celebration of the natural elements – Air, Earth, Water, and Fire – in a Beltane-themed hour of music.

Week 19
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May 8: Newly Hatched for Spring

Hear new tracks from recent albums by artists who work to expand the reach of music from Celtic roots on both sides of the Atlantic.

Week 20
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May 15: Tales of the Riverbank

Rivers run through many of our well-loved and best-known landscapes.  Their quiet banks and neglected docksides are now often the focus of rural
rediscovery and urban regeneration.  Music, old and new, celebrates our rivers as sources of life and of timeless inspirations to song-makers.

Week 21
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May 22: Viking Invasion

From time to time, where Vikings once held sway, a piece of jewelry, a coin or a tool is unearthed somewhere in northern Scotland or eastern England. What would the Norsemen raiders who left these artifacts in their wake have made of our haul of Nordic music?

Week 22
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May 25: The Carrying Stream

It took centuries for a ballad like “Barbara Allen” to work its way through the British Isles and across the Atlantic. Now the music flows freely back and forth as musicians from both sides of the ocean explore and fuse flavors from Celtic, Appalachian and Old Time music.  This week they include Dolly Parton, John Doyle, Jean Ritchie and Anaïs Mitchell.

Week 23
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June 5: Words, Verses, Music

Poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets’ lives and works.

Week 24
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June 12: On the Road

Today’s working musicians offer us contemporary verses of the traveling artists’ lifestyles, continuing a long-established tradition of celebrating itinerant work ways in song.

Week 25
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June 19: Early Summer Sounds

Fiona hand-picks the best new sounds from rising artists along with the latest from some of your favorite artists.

Week 26
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June 26: Celtic Show Bands

Hear big-band style brass sections and other instrumental combinations as they create cutting edge grooves and a big bold acoustic sound.