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Here’s what’s just ahead on Thistle. Remember that broadcast dates vary depending on where you’re listening, so just check our broadcast schedule and list of streaming stations for dates, times and frequencies.

Week 9
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February 26: Welsh Roots

Explore some well-loved and emerging roots music from Wales.

Week 10
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March 5: Scent of Spring

Spring is in the airs… and the jigs, reels and songs as we put out a musical welcome mat for the first signs of the season.

Week 11
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March 12: Live from Ireland

Re-live some great sets of Irish music, including years of live performances presented by Fiona with The Chieftains, Cherish the Ladies, and more.

Week 12
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March 19: Made in America

Travel from the 1920s with legendary fiddlers Michael Coleman and James Morrison, to the thriving 1970s session scene and hear the evolving sound of Irish traditional music in the United States.

Week 13
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March 26: More New Releases and Debuts

Fiona selects more of the best new sounds from rising artists, along with established artists.

Week 14
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April 2: Julie Fowlis

Raised in the Outer Hebrides, Julie Fowlis is reaching international audiences with Gaelic song, and is one of a small group of singers bringing it into the cultural mainstream.  Meet her to explore her music and learn about her role in the soundtrack of an Oscar-winning animation.

Week 15
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April 9: Time to Dance

The rhythms of Celtic music will always get into your feet, and then you’re dancing!  Limber up and tune into music including Alasdair Fraser, Trian, and a pair of traditional dance bands from Ireland and Scotland.

Week 16
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April 16: Heading South

Fiona celebrates the musical connections her captured her attention when she first traveled through the U.S. in the early 1980s, by exploring the music of the Southern Mountains.

Week 17
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April 23: Kick Back

There’s more to this roots music business than high-energy dance tunes.  Ease through hand-picked soothing voices and free-spirited instrumentals.

Week 18
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April 30: Westward

Hear wild fiddle music and singing in the language of the Gael.  Music from western places in Ireland and Scotland is the music of lonely, rugged mountainsides and sea-swept coastlines.

Week 19
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May 7: Fresh Takes

Established artists and old friends bring new music to the show with their latest releases and innovations.

Week 20
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May 14: At The Edge

Hear an evolving Celtic roots sound, inspired by jazz and classical arrangements and driven by contemporary and world rhythms.

Week 21
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May 21: Debuts

Look to the next era for this music with the sounds of first time artists on Thistle with recordings from both sides of the Atlantic.

Week 22
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May 28: The Long View

Fiona picks a few favorite extended arrangements of traditional tunes, including classic recordings from Kevin Burke and Alan Stivell.

Week 23
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June 4: Song Beat

Hebridean tweed-workers’ songs, rowing songs, hiking songs, mouth music: their lyrics take a back seat to their integral rhythms of the song. Hear how the music lightens the work and keeps the singers going.