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Here’s what’s just ahead on Thistle. Remember that broadcast dates vary depending on where you’re listening, so just check our broadcast schedule and list of streaming stations for dates, times and frequencies.

Week 25
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June 22: Dream Time

Kick back with some soothing voices and free spirited instrumentals, featuring Dougie MacLean, Maire Brenan, Karen Matheson and Davy Spillane.

Week 26
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June 29: Summer Sounds

Breeze into the heart of summer with music from Eddi Reader, William Jackson, Nightnoise and more.

Week 27
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July 06: Made in America

Travel from the 1920s with legendary fiddlers Michael Coleman and James Morrison, to the thriving 1970s session scene and hear the evolving sound of Irish traditional music in the United States.

Week 28
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July 13: Best of the Best

From The Chieftains vintage collection “the Very Best of the Claddagh Years” to “Dusk Till Dawn” which telescopes the long and successful career of Capercaillie, we explore some of the finest “best of” compilations this week.

Week 29
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July 20: Jazz

Luka Bloom and Karan Casey are best known for traditional and contemporary folk song. Hear them and others working with jazz artists to steer their music in a different direction.

Week 30
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July 27: New Sounds for Summer

Tune into the great new sounds, from both sides of the Atlantic, that artists and their record labels are launching during the music festival season.

Week 31
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August 03: Ballads of the Border

Hear ballads that sing of battles, cattle raids, and family loyalties in the borderlands of Scotland and England.

Week 32
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August 10: Celtic Guitar

Virtuoso players from old world to new are raising the bar for Celtic roots-inspired guitar music.

Week 33
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August 17: ThistleRadio

Hear classic tracks from ThistleRadio, our round-the-clock music channel.

Week 34
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August 24: More New Sounds for Summer

Tune into more of the great new sounds, from both sides of the Atlantic, that artists and their record labels are launching during the music festival season.

Week 35
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August 31: Mícheál Ó Domhnaill

Exploring recordings he made over three decades with The Bothy Band, Relativity and Nightnoise, Fiona explores the music of the late Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, of Ireland’s most influential musicians.

Week 36
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September 07: Harpers

Hear innovation on an ancient instrument with harpers William Jackson, Wendy Stewart, Maire Brennan, Grainne Hambly, Savourna Stevenson, and Alan Stivell all feature in an hour dedicated to small harps.

Week 37
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September 14: The American Folklife Center at 40, Part 1

Join Fiona and guests as they explore selections from the American Folklife Center’s collection of about half a million sound recordings, including songs from Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Carrie Grover.

Week 38
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September 21: The American Folklife Center at 40, Part 2

This week Fiona and her guests conclude a two-part exploration of the American Folklife Center’s extensive sound archive.  It features rare recordings from collectors Jean Ritchie and John Matheson.

Week 39
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September 28: Cathy Jordan at Swannanoa

Join Fiona and Irish singer Cathy Jordan of the internationally acclaimed band Dervish as they share conversation and music at the Swannanoa Gathering in the North Carolina Mountains.