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Week 47
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November 20:  Dance Time

The rhythms of Celtic music work their way down into your feet; before you know it, you're dancing.  Limber up and tune into this hour of music featuring Alasdair Fraser, Trian, and a pair of traditional dance bands from Ireland and Scotland.

Week 48
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Week 48
November 27: Dream Time

There's more to this roots music business than high-energy dance tunes.  Kick back with some soothing voices (Maire Brennan, Dougie MacLean, Karen Matheson) and some free-spirited instrumentals (Davy Spillane, William Jackson, Michael McGoldrick).

Week 49
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December 04:  Music Migration

Fiona recalls the connections that captured her attention when she first travelled in the U.S. in the early 1980s by exploring what ties her world to the music of the Southern Mountains.

Week 50
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December 11: Alan Reid

Three decades after her journey into national radio started, Fiona meets up with the man who was her very first interview: Alan Reid, known for his long career with the legendary Battlefield Band.

Week 51
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December 18:  Nollaig

Hear traditional carols, along with seasonal favorites, dance tunes and verses as Fiona celebrates the traditional Celtic Christmastide.

Week 52
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December 25:  Midwinter Musing

Travel into the traditions of midwinter through some spellbinding music of the season.