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Thistlepod Presents: Eileen Ivers

Fiona delves into her radio archive to reveal a treasured musical conversation with the great Irish-American fiddler.

One of the most decorated Irish traditional musicians talks about how she immersed herself in the music of her Bronx upbringing to create an Afro Latin Irish fusion. Featuring a live performance excerpt and recorded tracks from Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul.

Mundo Pequeno/Small World ....by Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul from Eileen
Ivers & Immigrant Soul  (Koch)
Craic with Jack.... by Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul from Eileen Ivers &
Immigrant Soul  (Koch)

Thistlepod Presents: Mairi MacInnes

Gaelic song with Mairi MacInnes. Fiona delves into her radio archive to reveal another treasured musical conversation, this time with Mairi MacInnes of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Hear about the heart and soul of Scots Gaelic song traditions from one of their great interpreters. Featuring contemporary Gaelic singing, piping and mouth music.

Cum Ar ‘Naire…by Mairi MacInnes from This Feeling Inside (Greentrax)
Leis An Lurgainn…by Mairi MacInnes from Ticketyboo (Greentrax)
Orra Bhonna Bhonnagan…by Mairi MacInnes from Orosay (Greentrax)

Thistlepod Presents: William Jackson

The harper, multi-instrumentalist and composer has contributed to some of Fiona Ritchie's most popular radio programs. Here they listen to a live recording of Jackson's "Duan Albanach" which had its world broadcast premiere on NPR's The Thistle & Shamrock.

With music from Duan Albanach and Ossian.

Lia Fail: The Stone of Destiny (excerpt)…by William Jackson from Duan Àlbanach (Mill Records)
Iona Theme…by Ossian from Dove Across the Water (Iona)

March 2009

Pride of Erin
March 14, 2009 - Thistlepod 49

St. Patrick himself would have been bursting with pride at the sound of these new Irish releases. Savor this guide to the best in emerging Irish music.

Rushin' Dressin... by Liz Carroll & John Doyle from Double Play (Compass)
A Chailin Alainn... by MacGregor, Brechin, O'hEadhra from Sonas (Brechin All Records)
Sonny Brogan's... by Alan & John Kelly from Fourmilehouse (Compass)
The Wind and the Rain…by Finbar Furey from Finbar Furey (Cosmic Trigger)
The Bonny Boy… by Aine Furey from Cross My Palm (Cosmic Trigger)    
Silver Dagger… by Shannon Lambert-Ryan from Across the Pond (my space page)
The Copper Plate… by Brian O'hUiginn from Tionchar (Brohig)
February 2009
New From Wales
February 26, 2009 -Thistlepod 48
Preview the unique sound of emerging Welsh roots music with these new flavours, varying from traditional harp music to genre-bending blends of Latin, funk, and Afrobeat.

Mympwy Llwyd... by Crasdant from Trad Roots (Sain)
Dawr Dydd... by Drymbago from Dyddiau Da (Rasal)
Si hei lwli Sali... by Mim Twm Llai from Straeon y Cymdogion (Sain)
Ty a Gardd... by Gwenan Gibbard from Y Gwenith Gwynnaf (Sain)
Rasio'r Goleuadau... by Gwilym Morus from Traffig (Rasal)
Pedwar Post Y Gwely... by Ar Log from Trad Roots (Sain)
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