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June 01, 2017

Program 1775: The Songs of Robert Tannahill (June 01, 2017) Week 22

Explore songs of the 17th century “weaver poet” who wrote verses in the style of Burns. His work is still widely sung and has been immortalized internationally in folk songs he influenced, including “Wild Mountain Thyme” and “Waltzing Matilda”.

Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie? Dougie MacLean from Tribute (Dunkeld)
The Braes o' The Tannahill Weavers from Capernaum (Green Linnet)
Farewell to Dougie MacLean from Tribute (Dunkeld)
Thou Bonnie Wood o' Claire Hastings from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol IV (Brechin All Records)
Gloomy Winter's Noo Sedrenn from Sedrenn (Keltia Musique)
Prince Charlie's March/Joy Gae Wi' My Love/Ho Mo Chaileagan Jock Tamson's Bairns from May You Never Lack a Scone (Greentrax)
Braes o' Jock Tamson's Bairns from May You Never Lack a Scone (Greentrax
[ID excerpt] Mazurka Sedrenn from Sedrenn (Keltia Musique)
Och Hey! Johnnie Emily Smith from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol I (Brechin All Records)
Adieu! Ye Cheerful Native Brian Ó hEadhra from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol III (Brechin All Records)
Thou Cauld Gloomy Fiona Hunter from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol III (Brechin All Records)
Fly We To Some Desert Emily Smith The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol I (Brechin All Records)
Loudon's Bonnie Woods and Rod Paterson The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol IV (Brechin All Records)
Killoch Burn & Ye Dear Romantic Wendy Weatherby from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol IV (Brechin All Records)
O Laddie, Can Ye Lea Me & How Can Ye Gang Laddie? Fiona Hunter from The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Vol IV (Brechin All Records) The Tannahill Weavers from Capernaum (Green Linnet)

May 25, 2017

Program 1774: New Writing (May 25, 2017) Week 21

From festival commissions for traditional instruments to new songs from emerging singer-songwriter talent, we enjoy the wealth of new writing that enriches the acoustic music scene.

Miss Norma McIntosh/Prestonfield Johnny…by Wendy Weatherby from A Breath on the Cold Glass  (Lochshore
Beinn A’ Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Gaol A Chruidh Gràdh A Chruidh An Taigh Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram
‘N Robh Thu ‘Sa Bheinn…by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Carna: Macdara’s, An Chistin…by Bill Whelan from The Connemara Suite (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Appomattox…by Gràinne Hambly & William Jackson from Music from Ireland & Scotland (Northside)  
1st Movement: Baby Broon, Space to Breathe, Slowing Down, Vanessa Edward’s Enviable Rhythm…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical
Full Moon Down Under Set…by 4/16 from  A Celebration of the Music of Gordon Duncan - Live concert 2007 (Greentrax)  

May 18, 2017

Program 1773: Season of Light (May 18, 2017) Week 20  

Marked in early May, Beltane is one of four quarter-day festivals in the old year. Join our celebration of the natural elements –Air, Earth, Water and Fire – in a Beltane-themed hour of music.

Fire Richard Wood from Fire Dance (Iona)  
Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face Kathryn Tickell from The Very Best of Kathryn Tickell (Park)
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Loreena McKennitt from Parallel Dreams (Quinlan Road)  
Tine Gheal/Bright Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn)   
An Hour in the Jim Malcolm from The First Cold Day (Beltane)
Blackberry Festival Footrace/For Hanneke Cassel from For Reasons Unseen (Cassel Records)   
[ID Excerpt] Firedance/ Brendan Power from Brendon Power Plays the Music from Riverdance (Greentrax) Lúnasa from Lúnasa (Compass)     
We Build The Poozies from Raise Your Head (A Retrospective) (Compass)     
The Fire of the Richard Souther from Illumination. Hildegard von Bingen: the Fire of the Spirit (Sony)   
Flowers of Spring/The Wily Old John Carty from Yeh, That's All It Is (Shanachie)     
Snowdrops/ Maddy Prior from Year (Park)    
A Rosebud By My Early The Birnam Quartet from The Music of Burns (Shoogle) Bill Whelan from Riverdance (Celtic Heartbeat)

May 11, 2017

Program 1772: Celtic Piano (May 11, 2017) Week 19

In the right hands, the driving rhythms of fiddle music and the ornamentations of Celtic pipes and harp will all dance freely on piano keys. Join us for a trip to the heart of the Celtic piano music.

Jig in the Antoni O’Breskey from The Colours of Music (O’Music
Crest of the Wave: Barr nan Tonn/ The Little Tracey Dares and Paul MacNeill from (Castlebay Music)
What Am I Bid…by Bill Jones from Bits & Pieces (Compass
The Lowlands of Antoni O’Breskey from Irish Airs (Forest Hill Records
Liza’s Dream/The Westside Cherish the Ladies from Threads of Time (RCA
Brian Micheal O’Suilleabhain from Between Worlds (Virgin)
A Day Without Enya from A Day Without Rain (Warner) 
ID Excerpt: Masons Apron/My Love Is In Seamus Egan from When Juniper Sleeps (Shanachie)
At the Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
The Banks of Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomhnaill from Idir an Da Sholas: Between theTwo Lights (Green Linnet)  
Cuillin Nightnoise from At the End of the Evening (Windham Hill)
Reel: Graf Dennis Botzer from The House (Sodaspeak)  
The Birken Tree Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)  
Turas Go Tir Na nOg :Journey to the Land of Micheal O’Suilleahain from Templum (Virgin)
The Tipsy Sailor/The Future is Simon Thoumire & David Milligan from The Big Day In (Foot Stompin)

May 04, 2017

Program 1771: Bridges (May 04, 2017) Week 18

Music marks the landmarks that span our landscapes and is its own bridge across time and place. Cross all forms of bridges this week.

Crossing the Bridge…by Kim Robertson from Wood, Fire & Gold (Dargason)
Gweebarra Bridge…by Altan from The Blue Idol (Narada
Bridges…by Katie Doherty from Bridges (Katie Doherty)
Dunkeld Bridge…by The Whistlebinkies from A Wanton Fling (Greentrax)
The South Bridge of Edinburgh/The Bridge of Perth/The New Bridge of Ballater/The New Bridge of Rutherglen…by The Musicians of Edinburgh (David Johnson, Artistic Director) from The Art of Robert Burns (Scotstown Music)
The Nodding Song (Gude’en Tae Ye Kimmer)/The Skye Bridge Dance…by Ceolbeg from 5 (Greentrax
Bellman’s Polska…by Christy O’Leary from The Northern Bridge (Old Bridge)
[ID excerpt] Dunkeld Bridge…by Pete Clark from Even Now (Smiddymade)
Bridge Attack…by Bill Whelan from Some Mother’s Son (Celtic Heartbeat)
The Cure at Troy…by Liam Neeson from Across the Bridge of Hope (White Records)
The Busker on the Bridge… by Nightnoise from A Different Shore (Windham Hill)
Calum Beag O Thìr a’Mhurain/The Twisted Bridge…by Maggie MacInnes from Spiorad Beatha (Marram)
Atlantic Bridge…by Davy Spillane from Atlantic Bridge (Tara)
Crossing the Bridge…by Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony)
Trip to Skye/Logie Bridge…by Jock Tamson’s Bairns from Rare (Greentrax)

April 27, 2017

Program 1770: Singer Songwriters (April 27, 2017) Week 17

An abundance of songwriting talent on this week’s show takes us on a tour around the landscapes that inspire their music.

Vanity's Aine Furey from Celtic Woman 2 (Celtic Woman Records)
The Mermaid of Emily Smith from Too Long Away (Shoeshine Records)
Glint of Eddie and Luc from Tirade (EdLucCD) Bert Jansch from Jack Orion (Transatlantic Records)
As the Day Grows Longer Bert Jansch from Sketches (Temple)
The Fairy Ailie Robertson from Little Lights (Lorimer Records)
[ID excerpt] Ellen's Dreams Battlefield Band from Beg & Borrow (Temple)
All the Fun of the Eamon Friel from Phone Tapping (Thran Records)
Gnossienne Tony McManus from Mysterious Boundaries (Greentrax)
King of Karine Polwart from Traces (Borealis) Dougie MacLean from Essential Too (Dunkeld)
The Japanese Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire from The Emigtrant's Song (Celtic Conspiracy)
Both Sides the Dick Gaughan from Favourite Scottish Songs (Greentrax)
Sporan Dhomhnaill/Mist on the Glen/Miss Battlefield Band from Beg & Borrow (Temple)

April 20, 2017

Program 1769: Spring Sounds (April 20, 2017) Week 16

The new spring shoots of music from Celtic roots are ready for broadcast! Eamon Friel from Takeaway (Thran Records)
The Abbey Lift from Molly's Revenge (Molri)
Aint No Runa from Current Affairs (Runa Music) Len Graham from Collected (
En Dro/Carpe Diem/ Daniel Paus from Siren Song (
Las Casas de Catherine John from ¡Fandango Bragh! (Catherine John)
[ID excerpt] Cairo Lift from Molly's Revenge (Molri)
Jig of the Blood Moon/Kylebrack The Fretless from Bird's Nest (The Fretless)
Fhir a Bhà Kristine Barrett from Ancestors (
La Galope Tout l' La Buche from Musique & Cuisine Québécoise (Disques Boghei)
Galway Shawl/Farewell to Ireland/Lady Birr/O'Donnell's Sligo New Road from Stone Walls & Street Lights (
The Hunter Runa from Current Affairs (Runa Music)


April 13, 2017

Program 1768: Common Currency (April 13, 2017) Week 15

Follow the instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions across miles and oceans.

Soldiers of Joy…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)  
Considine’s Grove/Trip to Durrow/Martin Wynne’s/Bere Island…by Madden, Conway, McComiskey & Dolan from Pride of New York (Compass)   
Ireland’s Green Shore …by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula)     
The Kid on the Mountain…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula)     
Gypsy Davy…by Julie Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)
[ID Excerpt] Irish Waltz…by Charlie McCoy from A Celtic Bridge (Vox Terrae
From Clare to Here…by Colcannon from Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax)
The Commonwealth Suite: Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud/Hoea Ra/Dawn of a New Age/Te Rua …by Rua from Homeland: The Rua Collection (Greentrax) 
The Maid Behind (McGlinchey’s) Bar/Frankie Gavin…by Tony McManus from Pourquoi Quebec? (Greentrax)
Red Mary…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Combolé…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)

April 6, 2017

Program 1767: The Great Tapestry (April 06, 2017) Week 14

Follow the great musical migration from Scotland, through Ulster to Appalachia. Maggie MacInnes, Tim O’Brien, Cara Dillon, Jean Ritchie, Sheila Kay Adams and others share songs that tell the story of a remarkable musical Diaspora.

Benton’s Jig/Benton’s Dream… by Patrick Street from No. 2 Patrick Street (Green Linnet Records)
It Was a’ For Our Rightfu’ King…by Dougie MacLean from Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld Records)
The Crossing…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula Records)   
The Rambling Irishman…by  Len Graham & Brian O’hAirt from In Two Minds (
The Winding River Roe …by  Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade Records)  
The Earl o’ Cassillis Lady (The Gypsie Laddies)….by Norman Kennedy from Live in Scotland (Living Tradition)
Gypsy Davy…by Julee Glaub from Blue Waltz (Troubadour-ess Music)
Wayfaring Stranger/British Field March…by Timothy Cummings from The Piper in the Holler (Birchen Music
Young Hunting/Elzig’s Farewell….by Sheila Kay Adams from The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records
Old George’s Square….by Jean Ritchie from None But One / High Hills and Mountains (Greenhays)
Shady Grove…by Doc Watson & David Holt from Legacy (High Windy Audio)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass Records)   
A Mountaineer is Always Free…by Pierce Pettis from State of Grace (Compass Records
The Parting Glass…by Al Petteway & Amy White from High in the Blue Ridge (Fairewood Studios)

March 30, 2017

Program 1766: The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (March 30, 2017) Week13

Hear music from the National Theatre of Scotland show that has won acclaim over the past five years, including during its recent run in the U.S.  A non-traditional production playing in bars, pubs and civic spaces, it celebrates Scottish traditional poetry, storytelling and music woven through a supernatural tale.

Doctor Angus (Chloe's Passion/Co a ni Mire ri Màiri?/Tubular Peat) Nuala Kennedy from A Wee Selection (Under the Arch)
Stories From the Debatable Kathryn Tickell from Debatable Lands (Park)
Selection from the National Theatre of Scotland from The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (live recording from the show)
The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie/the Silver Malinky from Last Leaves (Greentrax) Jamie McMenemy from Robert Burns The Complete songs, Volume 5 (Linn)
The Twa National Theatre of Scotland from The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (live recording from the show)
[ID excerpt] The Pipers (The Glasgow Police Pipe Band/Lexie MacAskill) Sileas from Beating Harps (Greentrax)
Blooming Kate Rusby from Awkward Annie (Pure)
Yellow on the Jean Redpath from Summer of My Dreams (Greentrax)
Green Grow the Dougie MacLean from Real Estate (Dunkeld) Altan from Blackwater (Virgin)
Bedlam National Theatre of Scotland from The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart (live recording from the show)
Father John MacMillan of Barra/The Devil in the Kitchen/Miss Drummond of Perth/Mackinnon's Rant/Traditional Reel/Margaree Alasdair Fraser and Jody Stecher from The Driven Bow (Culburnie)
Tunes and Puirt-a-Beul Julie Fowlis from Live at Perthshire Amber (Machair)

March 23, 2017

Program 1765: Dear Jean (March 23, 2017) Week 12

Artists celebrate Jean Ritchie (1922-2015), singing the songs she taught them and passing along their wisdom.  Much of this week’s music comes from the commemorative CD which includes Robin and Linda Williams, Peggy Seeger, Kathy Mattea, John McCutcheon and many friends of Jean Ritchie.

My Dear Companion…. by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt from Trio (Warner Bros)
Blue Diamond Mines… by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie
Wintergrace…. by Atwater.Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Rabbit Island Music)
Wondrous Love… by Sarah McQuaid from I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning (
Black Waters…. by John McCutcheon, Tim O'Brien, Suzy Boguss, Kathy Mattea, Stuart Duncan and Bryn Davies from Dear Jean ~ Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie (Compass
Now is the Cool of the Day… by Molly Andrews from Dear Jean (Compass
The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore …by Robin and Linda Williams with John Jennings from Dear Jean (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Shady Grove… by Sparky and Rhonda Rucker from Dear Jean (Compass
One I Love… by Karan Casey from Songlines (Shanachie)  
Songwriting Process ~ Jean Ritchie interview excerpt from The Thistle & Shamrock®
I Celebrate Life …by Pete Seeger from Dear Jean (Compass)
Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn ….by Peggy Seeger… from Dear Jean (Compass
Jubilee…. by Kathy Mattea and Friends from Dear Jean (Compass)
Let the Sun Shine Down on Me …by Kim and Reggie Harris from Dear Jean (Compass
Advice to Singers ~ Jean Ritchie interview excerpt from The Thistle & Shamrock®
I've Got a Mother… by The Starry Mountain Singers from Dear Jean (Compass)
The Peace Round… by Jean Ritchie and Friends from Dear Jean (Compass)

March 16, 2017

Program 1764: Live from Ireland (March 16, 2017) Week 11

Re-live some great sets of Irish music, including years of live performances presented by Fiona with The Chieftains, Cherish the Ladies, and more.

Darlin' Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul (live recording - not available )
Brian Boru's March/Nine Points of Roguery/The Magpie/Pretty The Chieftains from Live from Dublin (RCA Victor)
Mo Níon Ó Cathie Ryan (recorded live at the Swannanoa Gathering)
The Rambling Len Graham & Brían Ó hAirt from In Two Minds (buamusic)  
The Royal Cathal McConnell & Len Graham from For the Sake of Old Decency (Sage Arts
An Brían ÓhAirt (recorded live at Swannanoa Gathering)
[ID excerpt] Jig: Greenfields of Brían ÓhAirt and Julee Glaub (recorded live at Swannanoa Gathering) 
Crossing the Eileen Ivers and Immigrant Soul (live recording - not available)
Luna/ Cherish the Ladies, featuring Donna Long and Liz Knowles (recorded live, NC Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC)
The Pinery Boy…by Dáithí Sproule (recorded live at Swannanoa Gathering)
The Crow in the Sun…by Dáithí Sproule (recorded live at Swannanoa Gathering)
How Can I Keep From Singing? Julee Glaub (recorded live at Swannanoa Gathering)
Banish Misfortune/Morning Dew/Arkansas Traveller/Wild The Chieftains from Live from Dublin  (RCA Victor)

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