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September 24, 2015

Program 1687: Brian McNeill at Swannanoa (September 24, 2015)  Week 39 

Join Fiona and the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer Brian McNeill as they share conversation and music at the Swannanoa Gathering in the North Carolina Mountains.

St. Christopher And The Brian McNeill from To Answer the Peacock (Greentrax)   
The Steel Grey Skies/The Boy's Lament for his Brian McNeill performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available. (The Boy's Lament for His Dragon can be found on Brian MacNeill's cd "The Road Never Questions", and also on "Live & Kicking" by Brian MacNeill & Iain MacKintosh)
The Lads o' the Brian McNeill performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering -  (The Lads o' the Fair can be found on Battlefield Band's cd "Live Celtic Folk Music")
The Baltic Tae Brian McNeill from The Baltic Tae Byzantium (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] The Gilded Brian McNeill from The Busker and The Devil's Only Daughter (Temple)  
When the Laverock Sang in the Brian McNeill performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available. (The Laverock Sang can be found on Brian MacNeill's cd "Unstrung Hero")
Bring the Lassie Brian McNeill performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available.
(Bring the Lassie Hame can be found on Brian McNeil's cd "The Baltic Tae Byzantium")

September 17, 2015

Program 1686: The Long View (September 17, 2015)  Week 38

Fiona picks a few favorite extended arrangements of traditional tunes, including classic recordings from Kevin Burke and Alan Stivell. Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio)
Toss the Feathers/College Groves/Pinch of Snuff/The Earl'sChair/The Woman of the House/The Girl That Broke My Heart/The Drunken Tinker/Paddy Cronin's/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/The Hunter's Purse/Toss the Kevin Burke from If The Cap Fits (Mulligan)
The Fabled Maddy Prior from Year (Park)
[ID Excerpt] Merrily Kissed the Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio) Alan Stivell from Renaissance of the Celtic Harp (Rounder)
Magheracloone/Norland Battlefield Band from Rain, Hail or Shine (Temple)
Welsh Arrow Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio)

September 10, 2015

Program 1685: The Great Tapestry (September 10, 2015) Week 37

Follow the great musical migration from Scotland, through Ulster to Appalachia.  Maggie MacInnes, Tim O’Brien, Cara Dillon, Jean Ritchie, Sheila Kay Adams and others share songs that tell the story of a remarkable musical diaspora.

Benton’s Jig/Benton’s Dream… by Patrick Street from No. 2 Patrick Street (Green Linnet Records
It Was a’ For Our Rightfu’ King…by Dougie MacLean from Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld Records
The Crossing…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula Records)  
The Rambling Irishman…by  Len Graham & Brian O’hAirt from In Two Minds (
The Winding River Roe …by  Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade Records
The Earl o’ Cassillis Lady (The Gypsie Laddies)….by Norman Kennedy from Live in Scotland (Living Tradition)
Gypsy Davy…by Julie Glaub from Blue Waltz (Troubadour-ess Music)
Wayfaring Stranger/British Field March…by Timothy Cummings from The Piper in the Holler (Birchen Music
Young Hunting/Elzig’s Farewell….by Sheila Kay Adams from The Other Fine Things (Granny Dell Records)
Old George’s Square….by Jean Ritchie from None But One / High Hills and Mountains (Greenhays)
Shady Grove…by Doc Watson & David Holt from Legacy (High Windy Audio)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass Records)
A Mountaineer is Always Free…by Pierce Pettis from State of Grace (Compass Records)
The Parting Glass…by Al Petteway & Amy White from High in the Blue Ridge (Fairewood Studios)

September 3, 2015

Program 1684: Harpers (September 3, 2015)  Week 36    

Hear innovation on an ancient instrument with harpers William Jackson, Wendy Stewart, Maire Brennan, Grainne Hambly, Savourna Stevenson, and Alan Stivell all feature in an hour dedicated to small harps.

Harp de Vies…by Alan Stivell from Back to Breizh (Disques Dreyfus
Calman the Savourna Stevenson from Celtic Harp (Cooking Vinyl)
The Pure William Jackson from Inchcolm (Linn
The Crib of Perches/Garrett Barry’ Gráinne Hambly from Between the Showers  (Shamrock
Mo Robairneach Catherine-Ann MacPhee from Sùil Air Ais: Looking Back (Greentrax)
6/8 and Wendy Stewart from Standing Wave (Greentrax)
Johnnie Ceolbeg from Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax)
Flying to the Fleadh…by Grainne Hambly from Between the Showers (Shamrock) Moya Brennan from Two Horizons (Decca
Full Fathom Méav from Silver Sea (Celtic Collections
Comb Your Hair and Curl Kim Robertson from The Spiral Gate (Narada The Poozies from Changed Days, Same Roots (Compass
The Great The Poozies from Changed Days, Same Roots (Compass)
E Kreiz Alan Stivell from Beyond Words (Disques Dreyfus)

August 27, 2015

Program 1683: New Again for Summer (August 27, 2015)  Week 35

Tune into more of the great new sounds from the worlds of Celtic music.

Tea Towel Rachel Hair Trio from Trì (March Hair Records)
Lads o' the Brian McNeill from The Falkirk Music Pot (Greentrax)
Miss Patterson's Slippers/ Nathan Gourley and Laura Feddersen from Life is All Checkered  (
Brighter Than The Joan Shelley from Over and Even (No Quarter)
My Darling Fair Rachel Hair Trio from Trì (March Hair Records)
The Misses Ross Munro from Twisted Tradition (Greentrax)
Welcome Paddy The Tin Sandwich Band from By Hook or By Crook (Claddagh)
[ID excerpt] The Gander and the John Kerr and Friends from Two Old Black Sticks (CD Baby)
Gwdih? Calan from Dinas (Sain)
Y Calan from Dinas (Sain)
Y Calan from Dinas (Sain)
Hawthorn Sea Star from North Winds (
The The New England Irish Harp Ensemble from Another Country Heard From (
The Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer from The Fire (

August 20, 2015

Program 1682: New for Summer (August 20, 2015)  Week 34

Tune into the great new sounds, from both sides of the Atlantic, that artists and their record labels are launching during the music festival season.

The Willow Tree by Danu from Buan (Danu)
Kerry to Donegal Set by Danu from Buan (Danu)
The Blue Hills of Antrim by The Belfast Boys from Songs for Crying Out Loud (The Belfast Boys)
Mayo Jigs by Paul Murphy from Celtic Project (Paul Murphy)
Dheighinn dha 'n a' ghealaich leat by Laura MacKenzie from From Uig to Duluth (
Bheir mi o/Fear a' bhata by Laura MacKenzie from From Uig to Duluth (  
Pastures of Plenty by Hungrytown from Further West (Listen Here! Records)
[ID excerpt] Bruthaichean Ghlinn'-Braon by Laura Mackenzie from From Uig to Duluth (
Eliza by Ian Carmichael from Five String Banjo (SplitRock)
The Old Crossroads by Stuart Mason from Tradition (Native Home Music)
The Flowers of Edinburgh/Staten Island Hornpipe by Stuart Mason from Tradition (Native Home Music)
St. Anne's Reel by The Gothard Sisters from Mountain Rose (
White Birds by Altan from The Widening Gyre (Compass)
The Balmoral/O'Dowd's Favourite by Paddy O'Brien, Nathan Gourley, Daithi Sproule from Bright and Early (New Folk Records)
Berwick and Keelman's by Piper Jones from The Wandering Stars (

August 13, 2015

Program 1681: ThistleRadio (August 13, 2015) Week 33

Hear some of the classic tracks that are the bedrock of our playlist for ThistleRadio, our popular round-the-clock music channel.

Steel and Stone (Black Water) Kris Drever from Black Water (Compass)
Reel de Chicoutimi/Reel St. Jean/Reel Chris Norman from The Beauty of the North (Dorian) Dervish from The Thrush in the Storm (Whirling Discs)
Keeping up with Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac from Seinn (Factor)
Hoireann ó Rathill iù ó Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac from Seinn (Factor)
The Devil's Battlefield Band from Happy Daze (Temple) Session A9 from Session A9 (RAJ)
Bard Enya from Enya (Atlantic)
The Sailor The Bothy Band from Out of the Wind Into the Sun (Green Linnet)
Spike Island Dan Ar Braz from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
May Emily Smith from Ten Years (White Fall)
Parting Stuart Mason from Tradition (Native Home Music)
Jig-Só Calan from Dinas (Sain)
Cutting the Savourna Stevenson from Cutting the Chord (Eclectic)

August 6, 2015

Program 1680: Celtic Guitar (August 6, 2015)  Week 32

Virtuoso players from old world to new are raising the bar for Celtic roots-inspired guitar music.

Inveran/The Devil’s in the Kitchen/Locheil’s Away to France…by Tony McManus from The Maker’s Mark (Greentrax
The Hungry Rock/The Sleuce Gate/Evening Comes Early…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Blue Diamond Mines…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie
Wild Goose Chase…by Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey, Máire Ni Chathasaigh from Heartstring Sessions  (Old Bridge
Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane’s Reel…by Patrick Street from Compendium (Green Linnet)
The Bleacher Lass o’ Kelvinhaugh…by Rod Paterson from Up-To-Date (Greentrax)
The Girl That Broke My Heart/Mary McMahon…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] St. Christopher and the Magpie…by Brian McNeill from To Answer the Peacock (Greentrax)
Pretty Polly…by Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie’s Music
Sprig of Thyme…by Sarah McQuaid from When Two Lovers Meet (Sarah McQuaid)    
Estampie…by John Renbourne from Traveller’s Prayer (Shanachie)
La Veillée du Voisin…by La Bouttine Souriante from J’ai Jamais Tant Ri  (OnQueueArtists)
Take Six…by Nicholas Quemener from Kedren (Gwerz)
Trois Matelots Du Port-de-Brest…by Arcady from After the Ball… (Shanachie)
Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite…by Ross Kennedy from Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar (Greentrax)

July 30, 2015

Program 1679: Dear Jean (July 30, 2015) Week 31

Artists celebrate Jean Ritchie (1922-2015), singing the songs she taught them and passing along their wisdom.  Much of this week’s music comes from the commemorative CD which includes Robin and Linda Williams, Peggy Seeger, Kathy Mattea, John McCutcheon and many friends of Jean Ritchie.

My Dear Companion by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt from Trio (Warner Bros)
Blue Diamond Mines by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Wintergrace by Atwater.Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Rabbit Island Music)
Wondrous Love by Sarah McQuaid from I Won't Go Home 'Til Morning (
Black Waters by John McCutcheon, Tim O'Brien, Suzy Boguss, Kathy Mattea, Stuart Duncan and Bryn Davies from Dear Jean ~ Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie (Compass)
Now is the Cool of the Day by Molly Andrews from Dear Jean (Compass)
The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore by Robin and Linda Williams with John Jennings from Dear Jean (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Shady Grove by Sparky and Rhonda Rucker from Dear Jean (Compass)
One I Love by Karan Casey from Songlines (Shanachie)
Songwriting Process ~ Jean Ritchie interview excerpt from The Thistle & Shamrock®
I Celebrate Life by Pete Seeger from Dear Jean (Compass)
Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn by Peggy Seeger from Dear Jean (Compass)
Jubilee by Kathy Mattea and Friends from Dear Jean (Compass)
Let the Sun Shine Down on Me by Kim and Reggie Harris from Dear Jean (Compass)
Advice to Singers ~ Jean Ritchie interview excerpt from The Thistle & Shamrock®
I've Got a Mother by The Starry Mountain Singers from Dear Jean (Compass)
The Peace Round by Jean Ritchie and Friends from Dear Jean (Compass)

July 23, 2015

Program 1678: Remembering Jean Ritchie (July 23, 2015) Week 30

Travel with host Fiona Ritchie to the mountains of North Carolina and the Swannanoa Gathering’s Traditional Song Week, where the late Jean Ritchie shared songs, memories and wisdom, with an Appalachian dulcimer across her lap.

The L& N Don’t Stop Here Anymore…by Jean Ritchie from High Hills and Mountains (Greenhays)
Black Waters…by Jean Ritchie from None But One (Greenhays)
Old George’s Square…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa Gathering
Shady Grove…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa Gathering
[ID excerpt] Over the River to Feed My Sheep…by Jean Ritchie from The Most Dulcimer (Greenhays)
Amazing Grace…by Jean Ritchie – performed live with audience at Swannanoa Gathering
Where Are You Going?…by Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson from At Folk City (Smithsonian Folkways)
Little Bird…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa Gathering
None But One…by Jean Ritchie from None But One (Greenhays)

July 16, 2015

Program 1677: Common Currency (July 16, 2015)  Week 29 

Follow the instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions across miles and oceans.

Soldiers of Joy…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass
Considine’s Grove/Trip to Durrow/Martin Wynne’s/Bere Island…by Madden, Conway, McComiskey & Dolan from Pride of New York (Compass
Ireland’s Green Shore …by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula
The Kid on the Mountain…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula
Gypsy Davy…by Julie Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)
[ID Excerpt] Irish Waltz…by Charlie McCoy from A Celtic Bridge (Vox Terrae
From Clare to Here…by Colcannon from Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax)
The Commonwealth Suite: Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud/Hoea Ra/Dawn of a New Age/Te Rua …by Rua from Homeland: The Rua Collection (Greentrax)
The Maid Behind (McGlinchey’s) Bar/Frankie Gavin…by Tony McManus from Pourquoi Quebec? (Greentrax
Red Mary…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax
Combolé…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)

July 9, 2015

Program 1676: Musical Breizh (July 9, 2015) Week 28 

Intoxicating melodies from Brittany fill the airwaves this week, with the bands Kornog and Skolvan, traditional vocalist and specialist in Breton “gwerz” songs Annie Ebrel, and the father of pan-Celtic music, harper Alan Stivell.

Suite de Ridees…by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)
Boules et Guirlandes…by Skolvan from Swing & Tears (Keltia Musique)  
Ar Galon Digorr…by Annie Ebrel, Gilles le Bigot, Davy Spillane from Voix Celtiques -Celtic Voices (Keltia Musiques)
Gavotten…by Celtic Fiddle Festival (featuring Christian LeMaitre) from Rendezvous (Green Linnet)
Er Pasker/Stella Splendens…by Jean-Michel Veillon from Er Pasker (Coop Breizh)
Scotland the Brave…by Jamie McMenemy from Les Grands Airs Celtiques (Keltia Musique)
Dans Plinn…by Kornog from Korong (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: An Derez….by Jacques Pellen & Riccardo del Fra from Sorseez  (Gwerz)
Toutouig…by Morgan from Born of The Sea   (Telen)
Ne Bado Ket Atao…by Alan Stivell from International Tour (Dreyfus Records)
Toniou Bale Deus Kreiz Breizh…by Pennou Skoulm from Breton Ballroom (Diffusion Breizh)
Le Reve de Sam…by Bagad Bro Kemperle from Ar Gouriz Ruz (Coop Breizh)
Hanter-Dro…by Alain Pennec from Alcoves (Keltia Musique)
La Langue de Chez Moi…by Sonerien Du from Au Coeur de la Musique Bretonne (Coop Breizh)
Breton Set…by Maggie Sansone from Dance Upon the Shore (Maggie’s Music)

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