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March 20, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1608: New Spring Sounds (March 20, 2014)  Week 12

The flow of music is never-ending. A mountain of new recordings doesn't translate into the same volume of great music, though, so rely on Fiona to hand-pick the best new sounds from rising artists along with the latest from some of your favorite artists.

Ouagadougou Boogie...by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas from Abundance (Culburnie)
Golden Pipe...by The Alan Kelly Gang from Small Town and Famous Nights (Blackbox Music)
Connemara...by The Alan Kelly Gang from Small Town and Famous Nights (Blackbox Music)
S'och a' Dhomhnaill Óig Ghaolaich (Waulking Song)...by Capercaillie from At The Heart Of It All (Vertical)
Hiya...by Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson from Air-Fix (Great White)
[ID Excerpt] Thundersnow...by Coracree from Dancing in the Sky (Coracree.com)
Natasha Mccoy's Reel/Lianne MacLean's Revenge by Hanneke Cassel from Dot the Dragon's Eyes (hannekecassel.com)
The Candlelight...by Coracree from Dancing in the Sky (Coracree.com)
The Templehouse/The Gravel Walks...by Brian Miller & Randy Gosa from The Falling of the Pine (Two Tap Music)
Opening Set...by The Gloaming from The Gloaming (Brassland)
Keys to the Cellar...by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas from Abundance (Culburnie)


March 13, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1607: Cathie Ryan (March 13, 2014) Week 11

Join Fiona Ritchie at The Swannanoa Gathering in the mountains of North Carolina for a conversational, musical encounter with Irish American singer and songwriter Cathie Ryan, known for her work with Cherish the Ladies.

Go From My Window...by Cathie Ryan from Through Wind and Rain (Mo Leanbh)
The Old Bog Road...by Cathie Ryan performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available
My Own Native Land...by Cathie Ryan performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available
The Back Door...by Cathie Ryan performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available (The Back   Door can be heard on the Cherish the Ladies CD "The Back Door".)
[ID Excerpt] What's Closest to the Heart...by Cathie Ryan with John Doyle from The Farthest Wave (Shanachie)
Mo Níon Ó...by Cathie Ryan performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available (Mo Níon Ó can be heard on Cathie Ryan's CD "Through Wind and Rain")
Óró, 'Sheanduine Dóite...by Cathie Ryan from Through Wind and Rain (Mo Leanbh)
Somewhere Along the Road...by Cathie Ryan performed live at the Swannanoa Gathering - recording not available (Somewhere Along the Road can be heard on Cathie Ryan's CD "Somewhere Along the Road")
May the Road rise to Meet You...by Cathie Ryan from Through Wind and Rain (Mo Leanbh)

March 06, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1606: Notes in the Wilderness (March 06, 2014)  Week 10 

From traditional odes to the wilderness and contemporary songs of concern, our music this week sings of wild and unspoiled landscapes and challenges us to preserve them. 

Highlands and Islands…by Nuala Kennedy from New Shoes (Compass)
Mother Earth's Revenge…by Karan Casey from Chasing the Sun (Shanachie)  
Forest Baby…by Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster)
Open Fields…by Dougie Maclean from Inside the Thunder (Dunkeld
Welcome to the Trossachs…by Natalie MacMaster from In My Hands (Greentrax)
Muir and the Master Builder…by Dick Gaughan from Redwood Cathedral (Greentrax
[ID excerpt] The Laird of Drumblair…by Tony McManus from The Maker’s Mark (Greentrax)
Pride's Awa'…by Janet Russell & Christine Kydd from Dancin' Chantin' (Greentrax)
Coast River…by Tony McManus from The Maker's Mark (Greentrax)
Solid Ground…by Dolores Keane from Solid Ground (Shanachie)
Bright Star/Change My World…by Moya Brennan from Two Horizons (Decca
Echo's Calling…by Joe McKenna from The Irish Low Whistle (Shanachie)

February 27, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1605: New World Releases (February 27, 2014)  Week 9

Hear tracks from recent albums by North American artists who work to expand the reach of music from Celtic roots.

Barbara Streisand's Trip to Saginaw/Michael Connell's...by Liz Carroll from On the Off Beat (lizcarroll.com)
Last Night's Joy/Moving Cloud...by Sharlene Wallace & Kim Robertson from Q&A (sharlenewallace.com / kimrobertson.net)
The Ballad of Tim Evans...by Burning Bridget Cleary from Pressed for Time (burningbridgetcleary.com)
Clay Slaps Reel/The Appropriate Dipstick/Trip to Miriam's...by Burning Bridget Cleary from Pressed for Time (burningbridgetcleary.com)
Trip to Ballyshannon...by Steve Baughman from Farewell to Orkney (celticguitar.com)
Rocky Island...by Sara Grey with Kieron Means from Down in Old Dolores (Fellside)
Farewell to Orkney/La Grand Chaine...by Steve Baughman from Farewell to Orkney (celticguitar.com)
[ID Excerpt] Shores of Caledonia...by Fellswater from Thursday Night (fellswater.com)
Jesaig/Famous Bridge/Dans Fisel...by Fellswater from Thursday Night (fellswater.com)
Waterbound...by Lilt from Little Falls (Lockhouse Records)
Dear Irish Boy...by Joey Abarta from Swimming Against the Falls (joeyabarta.com)
Salt of the Earth...by Amy White from Home Sweet Home (Fairewood Studios)
Martin Wynne's Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4...by Brian Conway, Pat Mangan, Felix Dolan from Classic Celtic Music (Smithsonian Folkways)
All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight...by Hesperus from A Civil War Scrapbook (Maggie's Music)

February 20, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1604: Bridges (February 20, 2014)  Week 8         

There are many songs and tunes commemorating the landmarks that span our rivers and railways. Every bit as powerful as these physical structures, music is our bridge across time and place and our way to connect with one another. Cross all forms of bridges with us this week.

Crossing the Bridge…by Kim Robertson from Wood, Fire & Gold (Dargason)
Gweebarra Bridge…by Altan from The Blue Idol (Narada
Bridges…by Katie Doherty from Bridges (Park)  
Dunkeld Bridge…by The Whistlebinkies from A Wanton Fling (Greentrax)
The South Bridge of Edinburgh/The Bridge of Perth/The New Bridge of Ballater/The New Bridge of Rutherglen…by  The Musicians of Edinburgh (David Johnson, Artistic Director) from The Art of Robert Burns (Scotstown Music)
The Nodding Song (Gude'en Tae Ye Kimmer)/The Skye Bridge Dance…by Ceolbeg from 5 (Greentrax)
Bellman's Polska…by Christy O'Leary from The Northern Bridge (Old Bridge)
[ID excerpt] Dunkeld Bridge…by Pete Clark from Even Now (Smiddymade)
Bridge Attack…by Bill Whelan from Some Mother's Son (Celtic Heartbeat)
The Cure at Troy…by Liam Neeson from Across the Bridge of Hope (White Records)
The Busker on the Bridge…Nightnoise from A Different Shore (Windham Hill)
Calum Beag O Thìr a’Mhurain/The Twisted Bridge…by Maggie MacInnes from Spiorad Beatha (Marram
Atlantic Bridge…by Davy Spillane from Atlantic Bridge (Tara)
Crossing the Bridge…by Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony
Trip to Skye/Logie Bridge…by Jock Tamson's Bairns from Rare (Greentrax)

February 13, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1603: Bass Rock (February 13, 2014)  Week 7

Contributions by acoustic and electric bass to Celtic music are subtle, imaginative and, with players like Alain Genty, firmly in the foreground.

Le Petit Encrier…by Tony McManus & Alain Genty from Singing Sands (Greentrax)  
Broom of Cowdenknowes…by Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson from Singing the Storm (Cooking Vinyl)  
The Ramnee Ceilidh/Release Da Hounds…by Croft No. Five from Attention All Personnel (Foot Stompin’
Worcester City…by Eliza Carthy from Anglicana (Topic)
Trois Messagers…by Alain Genty from Une Petite Lanterne (Keltia Musique)
At Dawn of Day/Grey-haired Woman from Raasay…by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)   
ID Excerpt: A Forest Plin…by Alain Genty from La Couleur du Milieu (Coop Breiz)
Dans Tro Lors…by Annie Ebrel & Riccardo Del Fra from Voulez Loar – Velluto di Luna (Gwerz)   
She’s in the Attic…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
May Colvin…by Sìleas from Play on Light (Greentrax
Smile/Mrs Elizabeth Thoumire…by Simon Thoumire Three from Waltzes for Playboys (Acoustic Radio)
That’s the Way It Is…by Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from Passe Avant (Park Records)
Peter Man...by The Kathryn Tickell Band from Air Dancing (Park)

February 6, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1602: New Writing (February 06, 2014)  Week 6

From festival commissions for traditional instruments to new songs from emerging singer-songwriter talent, we uncover a wealth of recently composed gems this week.

Miss Norma McIntosh/Prestonfield Johnny…by Wendy Weatherby from A Breath on the Cold Glass (Lochshore
Beinn A’Cheathaich...by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Gaol A Chruidh Gràdh A Chruidh An Taigh Ceilidh...by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
‘N Robh Thu ‘Sa Bheinn…by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Carna: Macdara’s, An Chistin…by Bill Whelan from The Connemara Suite (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Appomattox…by Gràinne Hambly & William Jackson from Music from Ireland & Scotland (Northside)     
1st Movement: Baby Broon, Space to Breathe, Slowing Down, Vanessa Edward’s Enviable Rhythm…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical
Full Moon Down Under Set…by Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton and The Concert Band from  A Celebration of the Music of Gordon Duncan - Live concert 2007   (Greentrax)

January 30, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1601: Jean Redpath (January 30, 2014)  Week 5 

Fiona Ritchie met up with Jean Redpath to reminisce about her five decades of recording and performing, including her role as a great interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns. Enjoy the singing and anecdotes of a music legend.

South Wind...by Jean Redpath from A Fine Song for Singing (Philo/Rounder
The Lass o' Gowrie...by Jean Redpath from Will Ye No Come Back Again? (Greentrax)   
The Kirk Swaree...by Jean Redpath from Now & Then (Jean Redpath)
Mill o' Tifty's Annie...by Jean Redpath from Song of the Seals (New Rounder)
With God On Our Side...by Bob Dylan from The Times They Are A-Changin' (Columbia
[ID excerpt] Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey...by Alasdair Fraser, Jay Unger, Abby Newton from Jean Redpath's album Leaving the Land (Rounder
My Love, She's But a Lassie Yet...by Jean Redpath from The Songs of Robert Burns, Vol 7 (Greentrax)
O, Merry Hae I Been...by Jean Redpath from The Songs of Robert Burns, Vol 7 (Greentrax
Tuna the Food of My Soul...by Jean Redpath, Garrison Keillor, Prudence Johnston, Philip Brunelle from Prairie Home Comedy, Vol 2 (High Bridge) 
Quiet...by Jean Redpath from Now & Then (Jean Redpath)
The Minstrel Show...by Garrison Keillor, Jean Redpath, Kate MacKenzie and the cast from A Prairie Home Companion Final Performance, Vol 2 (High Bridge)

January 23, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1600: New Winter Sounds (January 23, 2014) Week 4

Fiona Ritchie introduces new releases from debuting artists that have caught her ear as well as favorite players who have helped to define the genre.

Reeling...by Gillian Boucher from Attuned (gillianboucher.com)
The Hiring Fair...by Fairport Convention from By Popular Request (Matty Grooves)
Primavera...by Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics)
The Giant's Cave/Go Ahead, Back Up...by Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (lizcarroll.com)
Erin Gra Mo Chroi...by The Jig is Up from On Yer Toes (thejigisupband.com)
Fig for a Kiss/Seahamhac Tube Station...by Lilt from Little Falls (Lockhouse
[ID excerpt] The Wolf...by Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (lizcarroll.com)
Battle Cry of Freedom/Bonaparte's Retreat… by Brian Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (thefiddlehouse.com)
There is a Time… by Brian Christianson featuring Nicole Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (thefiddlehouse.com)
Celtic Medley: Heman Dubh, The Lost Piper March, Voyage to Ireland, Suite Flamande Aux Pommes, Shi Beag Shi Mhor, The Rakkish Paddy, The Return from Fingal, Jigs: Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla, Flamorgan Air, The Last Pint...by Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio)
Seven Sisters...by Amy White with Al Petteway from Home Sweet Home (Fairewood Studios)

January 16, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1599: Common Currency (January 16, 2014) Week 3

Follow the instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions across miles and oceans. 

Soldiers of Joy…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)
Rain and Snow…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Considine’s Grove/Trip to Durrow/Martin Wynne’s/Bere Island…by Madden, Conway, McComiskey & Dolan from Pride of New York (Compass)
Ireland’s Green Shore …by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula
The Kid on the Mountain…by Tim O’Brien from The Crossing (Alula
Gypsy Davy…by Julie Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)
[ID Excerpt] Irish Waltz…by Charlie McCoy from A Celtic Bridge (Vox Terrae)
From Clare to Here…by Colcannon from Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax)
The Commonwealth Suite: Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud/Hoea Ra/Dawn of a New Age/Te Rua …by Rua from Homeland: The Rua Collection (Greentrax)
The Maid Behind (McGlinchey’s) Bar/Frankie Gavin…by Tony McManus from Pourquoi Quebec? (Greentrax)
Red Mary…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Combolé…by Joe Craven from Camptown (Blender Logic Arts)

January 09, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1598: A Case for Guitar (January 09, 2014) Week 2  

Virtuoso players in Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and beyond are setting a new standard for roots-inspired acoustic guitar music. 

Inveran/The Devil's in the Kitchen/Locheil's Away to France…by Tony McManus from The Maker's Mark (Greentrax
The Hungry Rock/The Sleuce Gate/Evening Comes Early…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Blue Diamond Mines…by John Doyle from Evening Comes Early (Shanachie)
Wild Goose Chase…by Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey, Máire Ni Chathasaigh from Heartstring Sessions  (Old Bridge)
Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane's Reel…by Patrick Street from Compendium (Green Linnet)
The Bleacher Lass o' Kelvinhaugh…by Rod Paterson from Up-To-Date (Greentrax)
The Girl That Broke My Heart/Mary McMahon…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] St. Christopher and the Magpie…by Brian McNeill from To Answer the Peacock (Greentrax)
Pretty Polly…by Al Petteway & Amy White from Land of the Sky (Maggie's Music
Sprig of Thyme…by Sarah McQuaid from When Two Lovers Meet (Sarah McQuaid)   
Estampie…by John Renbourne from Traveller's Prayer (Shanachie) 
La Veillée du Voisin…by La Bouttine Souriante from J'ai Jamais Tant Ri  (OnQueueArtists)
Take Six…by Nicholas Quemener from Kedren (Gwerz)
Trois Matelots Du Port-de-Brest…by Arcady from After the Ball… (Shanachie)
Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite…by Ross Kennedy from Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar (Greentrax)

January 02, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1597: Northsound (January  02, 2014) Week 1   

Travel to northern places in Europe and North America to hear the sound of unspoiled landscapes and rocky shorelines bathed in northern light.

Wackidoo…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Lums O’ Lund…by Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster)
Fareweel Tae Tarwathie…by Sinsheen from Lift (Sinsheen)
Riverside Aby…by Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila from May Monday (Northside)  
Ballinderry…by The Cottars from Made in Cape Breton (Mira Music)
The Duke of Kent’s Lodge at Glentilt/Malts On The Optics/Farewell to Decorum…by Tracey Dares from The Cape Breton Connection (Lakewind)    
[ID excerpt] Kitchen Racket…by The Cottars from Made in Cape Breton (Mira Music)
The Quarff Lassies/Beth’s Tune/The 2nd of May/Bobby Crowe of Bulmullo/Da Sooth End…by Filska from A Thousand Miles Away (Footstompin)
Gur Tu Mo Chruinneag Bhòidheach…by Anne Martin from Gaelic Song from The Isle of Skye (Whitewave Music)
Blue Hills of Antrim…by Rachel Hair from The Lucky Smile (March Hair Records)
Saviour of the World/Gabhaim Molta Bride…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Luseblus…by String Sisters from Live (Compass)
Grännens Favorit…by Väsen from Live at the Nordic Roots Festival (Northside)

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