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February 04, 2016

Program 1706: From Vinyl to mp3 (February 4, 2016) Week 5

Music collections have migrated from record shelves to disc drives but a great performance is there for posterity regardless of the storage media.  Enjoy an hour of Celtic masterpieces from across a quarter century.

Oró…by Máire Brennan from Máire (Atlantic
Sevens/Michael Kennedy’s/The Cup of Tea…by Liz Carroll from Lost in the Loop (Green Linnet
Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá…by Altan from Blackwater (Virgin)    
The Savage Wee Beastie/the Limerick Lasses/The Bird in the Bush…by Robin Bullock with John Doyle from Rosewood Castle (Dancing Wolf)  
Firethief…by Karine Polwart from This Earthly Spell (Hegri Music)
Steel and Stone (Black Water)…by Kris Drever from Black Water (Compass
Planets…by Kate Rusby from Awkward Annie (Pure Records)  
[ID excerpt] Between Earth and Sky…by Robin Bullock from Between Earth and Sky (Maggie’s Music)
Jig Gwengamp…by Alan Stivell from Live in Dublin (Dreyfus)   
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face…by Christy Moore from Voyage (Platinum)
Crossing the Bridge…by Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony Classical)
This Love Will Carry…by Dougie MacLean and friends ~ MP3 recorded exclusively for The Thistle & Shamrock  (not available) {Other version of this song are available on Dougie MacLean’s cds  “The Essential Dougie MacLean,” “Live,” and “Singing Land”}  (
Black River…by Lúnasa from Sé (Compass
Dance Pourlet…by Gordon Duncan from Thunderstruck (Greentrax)

January 28, 2016

Program 1705: Songs of the Bard (January 28, 2016) Week 4

Hear great singers in the intoxicating embrace of the songs of Robert Burns, a songwriter and collector for the ages.

The Lea Rig…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Now Westlin Winds…by Dick Gaughan from Gaughan Live! At the Trades Club (Greentrax
Ae Fond Kiss…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin’
Braw Lads o’ Gala Water…by Ed Miller from Lyrics of Gold (Wellfield)   
Highland Mary…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane)  
Rigs o’ Barley…by Emily Smith from A Day Like Today (Foot Stompin’)   
[ID excerpt] Brose and Butter…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin’
The Slave’s Lament…by Feisty Besoms from Auld Flames (Feisty Besoms
Parcel of Rogues in a Nation…by Rod Paterson from Songs from the Bottom Drawer (Greentrax
Ye Jacobites…by Eddi Reader from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (Compass
Aye Walkin’ O…by Jock Tamson’s Bairns from Rare (Greentrax)  
O My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose…by June Tabor from Rosa Mundi (Green Linnet)  
Auld Lang Syne…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane
Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonie Doon…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (

January 21, 2016

Program 1704: The Road of Tears (January 21, 2016) Week 3

The story of the refugee is retold in different corners of the world with each passing era.  Along the trail, songs will bear witness to the true-life immigrant experience.  Today Battlefield Band, Mick Moloney and Mary Black join the artists continuing the tradition of singing their stories.

Ely Parker/Miss Martin’s Wedding/The Primrose Lassies/Mr Galloway Goes to Washington…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple
Pastures of Plenty…by Solas from Reunion - A Decade of Solas (Compass
Paddy’s Lamentation/Ships are Sailing…by Mary Black from Long Journey Home  (BMG)
Farewell and Remember Me…by Boys of the Lough from Farewell and Remember Me  (Shanachie Entertainment)  
Farewell to St. Kilda…by The Whistlebinkies from Albannach  (Greentrax)  
McKay Country (Sutherland)…by Kathleen MacInnes from Summer Dawn (Greentrax)
Farewell to Ireland/Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)
ID excerpt: Ms Dynamite of Benbecula…by Battlefield Band from Out For the Night (Temple)
The Road of Tears…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple
Paddy Works on the Railway…by Mick Moloney from Far From the Shamrock Shore (Shanachie Entertainment)
The Maids of Galway/The Reel of Rio/Coyne’s Return/Return to Miltown/Hunting the Boyne/Return of the Maids…by Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Seamus Eagan, Eileen Ivers, Robbie O’Connell from The Green Fields of America  (Green Linnet
Stor Mo Chroi…by Sean Keane from Turn a Phrase (Kells Music) 
The May Morning Dew…by Davy Spillane from The Sea of Dreams (Covert Records)
The Maid of Mount Cisco/Farewell to Connaught/Farewell to Ireland…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)

January 14, 2016

Program 1703: New Writing (January 14, 2016) Week 2

From instrumental commissions to new singer-songwriter output, we uncover a wealth of recently composed gems this week.

Miss Norma McIntosh/Prestonfield Johnny…by Wendy Weatherby from A Breath on the Cold Glass (Lochshore)
Beinn A’ Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
Gaol A Chruidh Gràdh A Chruidh An Taigh Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)
‘N Robh Thu ‘Sa Bheinn…by Maggie MacInnes from A Fàgail Mhiughalaigh (Marram)   
Carna: Macdara’s, An Chistin…by Bill Whelan from The Connemara Suite (Compass)
[ID excerpt] Appomattox…by Gràinne Hambly & William Jackson from Music from Ireland & Scotland (Northside)  
1st Movement: Baby Broon, Space to Breathe, Slowing Down, Vanessa Edward’s Enviable Rhythm…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical)
Full Moon Down Under Set…by Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton and The Concert Band from  A Celebration of the Music of Gordon Duncan - Live concert 2007   (Greentrax

January 07, 2016

Program 1702: Raise a Glass (January 7, 2016) Week 1

Many a fine song has been sung around the drinking table to celebrate good company, lament absent friends, and bravely toast whate’er may come in the year ahead. Join us to sing some choruses with Tony Cuffe, the Voice Squad and other rousing voices.  (Drink - and sing - responsibly!)

Willie Stewart/ Molly Rankin… Eddi Reader from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (Compass
Sae Will We Yet…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
Tail Toddle…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
The Keg of Brandy…by Karan Casey from Chasing the Sun (Shanachie)
The Warlock/The Arras Fisherman/The Rights of Man…by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)
The Jug of Punch…by Altan from Island Angel (Green Linnet
ID Excerpt: The Beaten Track…by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)
Green Grows the Laurel…by Kris Drever from Black Water (Compass)
Tomorrow is a  Long Time…by The Black Family from The Black Family (Dara)
When the Night is Young…by Jim Malcolm from Tam o’Shanter and Other Tales (Beltane)
Old Bush/Expect the Unexpected…by John Doyle from Wayward Son (Compass)
Somewhere Along the Road…by Cathie Ryan from Somewhere Along the Road (Shanachie)
The Last Pint…by Pierre Bensusan from Nice Feeling (Zebra Acoustic)
The Parting Glass…by The Voice Squad from Many’s the Foolish Youth (Tara)
Bill Harte’s/Blue Eyes/A Lovely Madness….by Beoga from A Lovely Madness (Beoga Music)

December 30, 2015

Program 1701: New Year New Music (December 30, 2015) Week 53

Look forward to the New Year with a batch of the latest releases tracking the evolving traditions of music from Celtic roots.

Scarce o' Tatties/ Silly Wizard from 'Live' Again (Birnam CD)
The Broom o' the Silly Wizard from 'Live' Again (Birnam CD)
The Valley of Jim Malcolm from Live in Perth (Beltane) Jenna Moynihan from Woven (Jenna Moynihan)
House Low Lily from Low Lily (
Fair Margaret & Sweet Colleen Raney from Linnet (Little Sea Records)
Lord of the Archie Fisher from A Silent Song (Red House Records)
[ID Excerpt] Northern Low Lily from Low Lily (
Rock Salt and Hilary James from You Don't Know (Acoustics)
Run to Alba's Edge from Run Fly (
The Silence Eamon Friel from In My Time (Thran Records)
Doherty' Beppe Gambetta & Tony McManus from Round Trip (Borealis Records)
Box of Krista Detor from Barely (Tightrope Records)
Bright May Morning/ Oisín MacDiarmada with Samantha Harvey from The Green Branch (Claddagh Records)

December 24, 2015

Program 1700: A Festive Celtic Celebration (December 24, 2015) Week 52

Join Fiona Ritchie to celebrate the season by exploring festive songs, carols and dances from traditions old and new.

Winter Emily Smith from Songs for Christmas (White Fall Records)
The Frost is All The Chieftains with Punch Brothers from Voice of Ages (Hear Music)
Christmas Day is Caitríona O'Leary and Rhiannon Giddens from The Wexford Carols (Heresy Records)
Noel Nouvelet/ Maggie Sansone from Cold Frosty Morn at West River (Maggie's Music)
O Come O Come Ashley Davis with John Doyle from The Christmas Sessions (Daisy Rings Music)
Day Dréos from The Clearing (
[ID excerpt] Voici La Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra from Song of Solstice (Sun Sign Records)
I Am Grateful For What I Sarah McQuaid from Walking Into White (Waterbug Records)
Time to Remember the Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra from Song of Solstice (Sun Sign Records)
Wintergrace by Debra Cowan and John Roberts from Dear Jean (Compass Records)
The Blessings of Emily Smith from Songs for Christmas (White Fall Records)
Merry Christmas to All and Ashley Davis with John Doyle from The Christmas Sessions (Daisy Rings Music)
Mummer's March/Masters in the Maggie Sansone from Cold Frosty Morn at West River (Maggie's Music)

Excerpts and verses read by Fiona during a FESTIVE CELTIC CELEBRATION :

--from The Wind in the Willows
by Kenneth Grahame
Source: A Literary Christmas ~ An Anthology, The British Library, 2013

--from Celebration of Life
by Jean Ritchie
Geordie Music Publishing, 1971

--from Singing Family of the Cumberlands
by Jean Ritchie
University Press of Kentucky, 1955

--Amazing Peace ~ A Christmas Poem
by Maya Angelou
Random House, 2005

December 17, 2015

Program 1699: A Child’s Christmas (December 17, 2015) Week 51

Welsh singer-songwriter and broadcaster Cerys Matthews recorded “A Child’s Christmas” by Dylan Thomas to mark the poet’s centenary year in 2014.  Cerys tells host Fiona Ritchie all about the project, set to original music she created with Mason Neely, and transports us to Christmastime in Wales by narrating excerpts from this timeless holiday classic.

Deck the Cerys Matthews from Baby It's Cold Outside (Rainbow City
Dust of Matt and Shannon Heaton from Fine Winter's Night (
Patapan/O Come, O Come Mindy Gledhill from Winter Moon (Mindy Gledhill
Star in the East/Born in Al Petteway and Amy White from Winter Tidings (Maggie's Music)  
Children Go Where I Send Joel Mabus from How Like The Holly (Fossil
Reels: Christmas Eve/Oiche Nollag/High Road to Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig (Musical Bridge Anuna from Omnis (Celtic Heartbeat)  
[ID Break] Past Three O' Chris Newman and Maire Ni Chathasaigh from Christmas Lights (Old Bridge)
Narration and music excerpts from:
Dylan Thomas ~ A Child's Cerys Matthews and Mason Neely (CerysMatthews)

December 10, 2015

Program 1698: Midwinter Meditation (December 10, 2015) Week 50

Travel into the traditions of midwinter through the spellbinding music of the season.

Da Day Dawn…by Chris Stout from First o’ the Darkenin’ (Greentrax
Winter Solstice…by Atwater-Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Rabbit Island Music
The Time is Approaching…by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig ~ An Irish Christmas (Musical Bridge
Who Knows Where the Time Goes…by Maggie Reilly from Rowan (Red Berry Records
Through the Bitter Frost and Snow…by Susan McKeown and Lindsey Horner from A Winter’s Tale (Celtic Heartbeat)
Variations: Lo, How a Rose E’er Booming…by Turtle Island String Quartet from By the Fireside (Windham Hill)
The Coming of Winter…by Anúna and the Ulster Orchestra from Behind the Closed Eye (Danú)
[ID excerpt] Drive the Cold Winter Away…by Sue Richards from Merrily Greet the Time (Maggie’s Music
Haul Brothers, Haul!…by Coyote Run from Tend the Fire (Run Wild Records)
Garçon Á Marier/Orgies Nocturnes/Dans Fisel…by Touchstone from A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh   (Green Linnet
The Snows…by Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill and Triona Ní Dhomhnaill from Celtic Christmas III (Windham Hill)
The Slippery Slope/Wullie’s Wopper/Tam the Pete Clark from Now & Then (Inver)
Winter Kenneth Steven from Sanctuary ~ Poems of Celtic Spirituality (Saint Andrew Press)
Return to the Stewartry/Slanttigart/Tame her When da Snaw Comes... by Catriona Macdonald from Bold (Peerie Angel Productions)
The Bitter Kerfuffle from Lighten The Dark - A Midwinter Album (Kerfuffle)

December 03, 2015

Program 1697: Jazz (December 03, 2015) Week 49

Luka Bloom and Karan Casey are best known for traditional and contemporary folk song.  Hear them and others working with jazz artists to craft a different style of music. Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
Goodbye Pork Pie Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax
Fishes Will Karan Casey from Two More Hours (Crow Valley
Little Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Luka Bloom from Head & Heart (Compass
Devil's Chris Stout from Chris Stout's Brazilian Theory - Live in Concert (Creative Scotland)
ID Excerpt: Lord Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics)  
Hot Time in the Old Town The Two Sisters: Hilary James and Janet Giraudo from Songs & Chansons (Acoustics) Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)
10,000 June Tabor from Angel Tiger (Green Linnet
Cutting the Savourna Stevenson from Cutting the Chord (Eclectic)  
All the Gerda Stevenson from Night Touches Day (Gean Records
Eilidh Shaw's Trip in Germany/The Balnain Bachué from The Butterfly (Big Bash Records)

November 26, 2015

Program 1696: The Gathering (November 26, 2015) Week 48

From cottage hearthsides in the pre-broadcasting age to the pubs and back porches of today’s session scene, enjoy music that celebrates the gathering of families and friends.

The Swelkie/The Teran…by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley from Mither O’ The Sea  (Greentrax
The Busker on the Bridge…by Nightnoise from A Different Shore (Windham Hill)
Spanish Lady…by Maighread & Triona Ní Dhomhnaill from Between The Two Lights (Idir an Dá Sholas)  (Green Linnet)
The Butterfly…by The Bothy Band from After Hours (Green Linnet)
False Fly on the Road…by Donal Lunny from Coolfin (Blue Note)
Polkas…by Donal Lunny from Coolfin (Blue Note)
Coinnleach Glas an Fhómhair…by Manus Lunny from Tráthnóna Eile (Tuilleadh Eolais)
ID Excerpt: Lucky in Love…by Joe McKenna from The Irish Low Whistle (Shanachie)
Far Over the Forth…by Cilla Fisher from A Celebration of Scottish Music (Temple)
Mrs. Martha Knowles/The Pitnacree Ferryman…by Silly Wizard from Live Wizardry (Green Linnet)
Lindsay…by Archie Fisher from Will Ye Gang, Love (Green Linnet)
Will Ye Gang, Love…by The Black Family from The Black Family  (Dara)
In A Lifetime…by Clannad with Bono from Themes (Celtic Heartbeat)
The Sound of Sleat…by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical
Dr. MacPhail's Capercaillie from Dusk Till Dawn (Survival)

November 19, 2015

Program 1695: Hometown Song (November 19, 2015) Week 47

From Ewan MacColl’s “Dirty Old Town” to “Festival Lights” by the McCalmans, hear how artists from both sides of the Atlantic are inspired to commemorate their homes.

Dirty Old The Easy Club from Scottish, Rhythm & Swing (Green Linnet)
March Up Eileen Ivers from Crossing the Bridge (Sony)
Sweet Thames Flow Planxty from Planxty (Shanachie)
Lost in the Liz Carroll from Lost in the Loop (Green Linnet)
John Cunningham's Return to Edinburgh/Heather Bells/The Bell Reel/The Limerick Relativity from Relativity (Green Linnet)
Festival Nick Keir from Fishing Up the Moon (Nick Keir)
[ID excerpt] The Smoky Eoghan O'Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, Paul De Grae from The Smoky Chimney (Kells)
Dublin Michelle Burke from Step Into My Parlour (Kilcronat)
The Glasgow Lasses/The Scottish Lovers...from Battlefield Band from Beg & Borrow (Temple) Rita Connolly from Valparaiso (Tara)
Farewell to Liam O'Flynn from The Given Note (Tara)
To the Maura O'Connell from Walls & Windows (Sugar Hill)
A Glasgow Billy Jackson from The Wellpark Suite (Iona)

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