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January 03, 2019

Program 1858: Underneath the Stars (January 03, 2019)  Week 1

Look to the Northern and Western skies with our music this week.

The Moonlight Piper…by Carlos Núñez with The Chieftains from Brotherhood of Stars (RCA Victor)
The Planets....by Kate Rusby from Awkward Annie (Pure Records)
The Sound of the Sun: The Three Sea Captains / The Sound of the Sun...by Fred Morrison from The Sound of the Sun  (Lochshore
Land of the Setting Sun…by Talitha Mackenzie from Indian Summer (Sonas)
Hunter's Moon/Getting There/The Morris Minor...by Liz Carroll & John Doyle from In Play (Compass)
Such a Night of Stars… by Eamon Friel from Word of Spring (Thran)   
ID excerpt: The Crow in the Sun …by Dáithí Sproule from The Crow in the Sun (New Folk)
New Moon…by Ceilidh Minogue from Ceilidh Minogue (Greentrax)
Sun, Moon and Stars…by Filska from A Thousand Miles Away (Foot Stompin’)
Laughing With the Moon…by Hilary James & Simon Mayor from Laughing with the Moon (Acoustics Records)
Moondance…by Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
Lloer Dirion (Tender Moon)...by Carreg Lafar from Profiad (Carreg Lafar)
Dark Light…by Davy Spillane from A Place Among the Stones (Columbia)

December 20, 2018

Program 1856:  Celtic Christmas (December 20, 2018)  Week 51

This week our show offers music and words to commemorate the season.

The Castle of Dromore...by Cherish the Ladies from On Christmas Night (Rounder)
Into the Light...by Al Petteway & Amy White from Winter Tidings (Maggie's Music)
The Holly and the Ivy...by Kerfuffle from Lighten the Dark (Kerfuffle)
Sweet Bells...by Phil Cunningham and Friends from Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook (Vertical)
Caílin Na Gruaige Doinne/New Year's Eve/The Palm Tree...by Cherish the Ladies from Heart of the Home (cherishtheladies.com)
Travellers' Prayer...by John Renbourn from Traveller's Prayer (Shanachie)
[ID excerpt] God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen...by Jerry Reed Smith & Lisa Maria Smith from One Wintry Night (Silent Planet)
Carol of the Birds...by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Fine Winter's Night (MattandShannonHeaton.com)
Improvisation on Dona Nobia Pacem...by Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer from Yo-Yo Ma and Friends Songs of Joy & Peace (Sony)
The Gift...by Maddie Prior & the Carnival Band from Ringing the Changes (Park)
Patapan/O come, O come Emmanuel...by Mindy Gledhill from Winter Moon (Blue Morph)
The Storm...by Jerry Reed Smith & Lisa Maria Smith from One Wintry Night (Silent Planet)
Christ Child's Lullaby/Star in the East/Born in Bethny...by Al Petteway & Amy White from Winter Tidings (Maggie's Music)

December 27, 2018

Program 1857: Here We Go 2019! (December 27, 2018)  Week 52

Let our music lift you across the threshold of the New Year.

Willie Stewart/ Molly Rankin…..by Eddi Reader from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (Compass)  
Sae Will We Yet…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
Tail Toddle…by Tony Cuffe from Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax)
The Keg of Brandy…by Karan Casey from Chasing the Sun (Shanachie)
The Warlock/The Arras Fisherman/The Rights of Man…by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)  
The Jug of Punch…by Altan from Island Angel (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: The Beaten Track…by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)
Green Grows the Laurel…by Kris Drever from Black Water (Compass)
Tomorrow is a  Long Time…by The Black Family from The Black Family (Dara)
When the Night is Young…by Jim Malcolm from Tam o’Shanter and Other Tales (Beltane)  
Old Bush/Expect the Unexpected…by John Doyle from Wayward Son (Compass)
Somewhere Along the Road…by Cathie Ryan from Somewhere Along the Road (Shanachie)
The Last Pint…by Pierre Bensusan from Nice Feeling (Zebra Acoustic)
The Parting Glass…by The Voice Squad from Many’s the Foolish Youth (Tara)  
Bill Harte’s/Blue Eyes/A Lovely Madness….by Beoga from A Lovely Madness (Beoga Music)

December 13, 2018

Program 1855: Gifts (December 13, 2018)  Week 50

Fiona handpicks an hour’s worth of recordings as gift suggestions for music-loving friends and family.

Past Three o' Clock...by Chris Newman and Maire Ni Chathasaigh from Christmas Lights (Old Bridge)  
Aberlady...by Nicola Benedetti from Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy (Decca)
Mouth Music and Tunes Set…....by Nicola Benedetti from Homecoming - A Scottish Fantasy (Decca)
Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife...by Pete Clark and Muriel Johnstone from Niel Gow's Fiddle (Inver
Pomegranate...by Ye Vagabonds from Ye Vagabonds (Inglenook
For Bert...by Ye Vagabonds from Ye Vagabonds (Inglenook)
Lowlands of Holland...by Ye Vagabonds from Ye Vagabonds (Inglenook)
[ID excerpt] Errigal Beauty...by Cherish the Ladies from Christmas in Ireland (Big Mammy)
One Morning in May...by Pierre Bensusan from Encore (DADGAD Music
Jigs: Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla...by Pierre Bensusan from Encore (DADGAD Music)
All the Valley Down...by Cherish the Ladies from Christmas in Ireland (Big Mammy)
Trip to Athlone/Castletown Connors/Father Kelly's/Man of the House...by Mick Moloney and Athena Tergis  and Special Guests from An Irish Christmas - A Musical Solstice Celebration (Irish Arts Center NYC)  
2000 Years Ago...by Jean Redpath from Still the Night (Jean Redpath Records)
Flamorgan Air/The Last Pint...by Pierre Bensusan from Encore (DADGAD Music)

December 06, 2018

Program 1854: Roots and Branches (December 06, 2018)  Week 49

Hear an evolving Celtic roots sound this week.  It’s inspired by jazz and classical arrangements and driven by contemporary and world rhythms.

The Ploughman…by Solas from Waiting for An Echo (Shanachie)  
The Reel…by Secret Garden from Earthsongs (Decca)   
Maire Mhilis Bhrea…by Solas from Another Day (Shanachie)      
Miss You…by Winifred Horan from Just One Wish (Shanachie)          
Craigie Hills…by Scrûj MacDuhk from the Road to Canso (Scruj Tunes)
A Thousand Roads/The Road to Canso/Hare o’ the Dug…by Scrûj MacDuhk from The Road to Canso (Scruj Tunes)
ID Excerpt: The Napier Stride…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)
Westlin Winds…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf)  
The Grand Hotel/Mary Kelly’s Hatchet…by Kila from Luna Park (Kila
Atlantic/ Kresal Eta Laino (Celtic Progression)…by Antoni O’Breskey from Mezulari (O’Music)
Who Will Raise Their Voice?...by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)
Scraping the Barrel…by Shooglenifty from Live Radical Mestizo (Compass)  
MacAlgo…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)

November 29, 2018

Program 1853:  New Fall Sounds 2 (November 29, 2018) Week 48

Join Fiona to explore the latest batch of releases, hearing what’s new from established artists and uncovering the emerging talent.

The Portumna Workhouse/The Hurling Boys of Portumna...by Cherish the Ladies from Heart of the Home (Big Mammy Records)
Gortavale Rock/The Road to Poynton...by Kinnaris Quintet from Free One (kinnarisquintet.com)
The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow...by Warbelow Range from Warbelow Range (warbelowrange.com)
Marquis of Huntly/Miss Cameron of Belvenie/Mrs McPherson of Gibston...by Alastair Savage from When Barley Reaches Stone (Woodland Records)
She Wynds On...by Chris Wood from She Wynds On (Magic Park Records)
The Prodigal Son...by The Fire from Radiance (firescottishband.com)
[ID excerpt] The Flower of the Flock...by Fitzharris & McCague from The Bank of Turf (McCagueFitzharris)
Cavers of Kirkcudbright/Iris' Jig...by Rachel Clemente from A Quiet Uniqueness (rachelclementeharpist.com)
Isabeau S'Y Promène...by Keith Murphy from Land of Fish and Seals (Blackislemusic.com)
Breton Gavottes "Montagne"...by Brass Lassie from Brass Lassie (brasslassie.com)
Cwm Rhondda...by Lleuwen from Gwn Glân Beibl Budr (Sain)
Cliffs of Moher...by Ron McFarlane from The Celtic Lute (Sono Luminus)
Underwater...by James Ritchie from In My Shoes (jamesritchiemusic.com)
Cailín na Gruaige Doinne/New Year's Eve/The Palm Tree...by Cherish the Ladies from Heart of the Home (Big Mammy Records)

November 22, 2018

Program 1852:  Family Gathering (November 22, 2018) Week 47

Mary Ann Kennedy joins Fiona Ritchie to talk about her family’s recording and book project “Fonn” (pron: Fown), a Scots Gaelic word meaning both “land” and “melody”. She’ll reveal the essence of rural community life that is reflected in their songs of work, worship, land, sea and love.

The DTs Set…  by Cliar from Traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music (Macmeanmna
The Para Handy Set… by Cliar from Traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music (Macmeanmna
Ceud Soraidh, Ceud Slainte… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music
Seat nan Nighean… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music)   
Cha Tig Mor mo Bhean Dhachaigh… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music
ID EXCERPT: Riona's Trip to Ulva… by Cliar from Traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music (Macmeanmna
Excerpt: Dannsa Klondyker… by Cliar from Traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music (Macmeanmna
Seat nan Gillean… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music)  
Seat Alasdair… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music
Fair a' Chinn Duibh… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music)  
Cnoc nan Craobh… by The Campbells from Fonn (Watercolour Music)  
The Nameless Clan… by Cliar from Traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music (Macmeanmna)

November 15, 2018

Program 1851:  Bass Rock (November 15, 2018)  Week 46

Contributions by acoustic and eclectic bass to Celtic music are subtle, imaginative and, with players like Alain Genty, firmly in the foreground.

Le Petit Encrier…by Tony McManus & Alain Genty from Singing Sands (Greentrax)  
Broom of Cowdenknowes…by Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson from Singing the Storm (Cooking Vinyl)   
The Ramnee Ceilidh/Release Da Hounds…by Croft No. Five from Attention All Personnel (Foot Stompin’)
Worcester City…by Eliza Carthy from Anglicana (Topic
Trois Messagers…by Alain Genty from Une Petite Lanterne (Keltia Musique)
At Dawn of Day/Grey-haired Woman from Raasay…by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)  
ID Excerpt: A Forest Plin…by Alain Genty from La Couleur du Milieu (Coop Breiz)
Dans Tro Lors…by Annie Ebrel & Riccardo Del Fra from Voulez Loar – Velluto di Luna (Gwerz)  
She’s in the Attic…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
May Colvin…by Sìleas from Play on Light (Greentrax)  
Smile/Mrs Elizabeth Thoumire…by Simon Thoumire Three from Waltzes for Playboys (Acoustic Radio)
That’s the Way It Is…by Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from Passe Avant (Park Records)
Peter Man...by The Kathryn Tickell Band from Air Dancing (Park Records)

November 08, 2018

Program 1850: Islanders (November 08, 2018)  Week 45

It may have originated in sea swept island communities to the North West and south of the Atlantic archipelago, but this week’s choice of music is far from insular.

Da White Wife…by Fiddler’s Bid from Naked & Bare (Greentrax
Ho Ro’s Toigh Leam Fhin Thu…by MacKenzie from The Hear and Now (MacMeanmna)
Hillswick/Party Scene…by Chris Stout from Tracks North (Shetland Arts Trust )
Haidh O…by Maggie MacInnes from Peaceful Ground (Marram)  
Calum Beag O Thir a Mhurain/The Twisted Bridge…by Maggie MacInnes from Spoirad Beatha (Marram
Cailleach An Airgid/Rachainn AShuiridh’Air Oighrig…by Cliar from The Rough Guide to Scottish Music   (MacMeanmna)
Donal Agus Morag…by Altan from Harvest Storm (Green Linnet
ID Excerpt: The Corn Holm…by Don Wessells from On Orkney (Harmonichro Records) 
The Hut on Staffin Island/Sandy MacLeod of Garafad/The Soft Horse Reel…by Relativity from Relativity (Green Linnet
Fiolialgean …by Billy Ross from Shore Street  (Greentrax)
Shapinsay Polka/Jimmy o’ the Bu’s Polka/Scapa Flow…by Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley from Mither o’ the Sea (Greentrax) 
Tha Mulaidh…by Alyth McCormack from An Iomall -The Edge (Vertical
Martyrdom…by Salm from Salm Vol.1 (Ridge Records)
Iona…by William Jackson from A Scottish Island (Mill Records)
The Goodnight Song…by Emma Christian from Celtic Voices-Women of Song
(Narada Media
The Patterned Carpet Set: Alisdair Fraser’s Compliments to Lorna Mitchell/Reel for Eilidh Shaw/Da Eye Wife…by Rock, Salt & Nails from Midnight Rain (Park Records) 

November 01, 2018

Program 1849:  Belonging (November 01, 2018)  Week 44

This week we hear excerpts from Mairi Campbell’s “Pulse” and Kathryn Tickell’s  “Northumbrian Voices” to hear how music can bring us home.

Minnie's House...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
All the Way Home...by Cathy Jordan from All the Way Home (Blix Street)
Iona Homecoming...by Melissa Du Puy, Marty Young, Steve Young from Legacy (Legacy)
A Place Called Home...by Barbara Dymock from Hilbert's Hotel (Liftfire Recordings)
The Fiddle...by Kathryn Tickell from Northumbrian Voices (KathrynTickell.com)
Will Atkinson...by Kathryn Tickell from Northumbrian Voices (KathrynTickell.com)
Wildflowers & Grass...by Kathryn Tickell from Northumbrian Voices (KathrynTickell.com)
Allery Burn...by Kathryn Tickell from Northumbrian Voices (KathrynTickell.com)
[ID excerpt] What the Devil Ails Ye?...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
Side by Side...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
Red Roof...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
She is Waiting...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
We Are More...by Campbell Gray from Pulse (mairicampbell.co.uk)
Home Ground...by Battlefield Band from Home Ground (Temple)

October 25, 2018

Program 1744:  Myth & Legend (October 27, 2016) Week 43 

This week, songs from Celtic music traditions telling of mythical places, people and creatures, along with tunes of enchantment.

The Mystics’ Slipjigs…by Maire Breatnach from Angels Candles (Starc
King Orfeo…by Malinky from The Unseen Hours (Greentrax
Branle…by Old Blind Dogs from The World’s Room (Compass)
Lupadáin Lapadáin - The Tale of the Mermaid’s Daughter…by John Spillane and Louis de Paor from The Gaelic Hit Factory (EMI Ireland
The Sparkling Fairy/Taro’s Blue Eye…by Winifred Horan from Just One Wish (Shanachie)
A Bhean Úd Thíos…by Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)
The Fairy Reel/The Old Torn Petticoat/Our House At Home…by Danu from The Road Less Traveled (Shanachie
Suantraí Sí…by Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin from Suantraí, An Irish Lullaby (Shanachie
ID Excerpt: Charmed…by Rachel Hair from Hubcaps & Potholes (March Hair Records)    
Highland Mary…by Jim Malcolm from Aquaintance (Beltane
Molly Malone…by Sinéad O’Connor from Sean-Nós Nua (Hummingbird)     
The Devil…by Bodega from Bodega (Greentrax)    
Sir Patrick Spens…by June Tabor from An Echo of Hooves (Topic
Devil’s Advocate…by Chris Stout Quintet from Devil’s Advocate (Greentrax)

October 18, 2018

Program 1847: New Fall Sounds 1 (October 18, 2018) Week 42

Join Fiona to explore the latest batch of releases, hearing what’s new from established artists and uncovering the emerging talent.

Sugar House...by We Banjo 3 from Haven (We Banjo 3)
Oh No...by the Tannahill Weavers from Òrach (Compass)
Sunset Over the Somme...by the Tannahill Weavers from Òrach (Compass)
The New Country...by the Krüger Brothers from Best of the Krüger Brothers (Double Time Music)
Morbleur, Sambleur!...by Les Poules À Colin from Morose (FamGroup)
Lorient Mornings...by the Gothard Sisters from Midnight Sun (gothardsisters.com)
Pack It Up ...by We Banjo 3 from Haven (We Banjo 3)
[ID Break] Kahler Hotel...by Les Poules À Colin from Morose (FamGroup)
Bird in the Tree...by Jake James from Firewood (jakejames.com)
Dimming of the Day...by Fellswater from Skipping Stones (fellswater.com)
Lad O'Beirne's...by Adam Agee & Jon Sousa from Ceol na gCarad (adamageejonsousa)
Leaving Arranmore...by Katie Else from Songs from Across the Lake and Sea (Katie Else)
Against the Grain...by the Gothard Sisters from Midnight Sun (gothardsisters.com)
Cork Harbor...by the Krüger Brothers from Best of the Krüger Brothers (Double Time Music)

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