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Music details and links from our most recent radio program.

May 21, 2015

Program 1669: Debuts (May 21, 2015 ) Week 21

Look to the next era for this music with the sounds of first time artists on Thistle with recordings from both sides of the Atlantic.

Crow Road Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl from Wooden Flute & Fiddle (Make Believe)
Consett Y Peipar Coch/Erddigan Y Pibydd Anton Emery from Noone Lasses (
Earl Alistair Ogilvy from Leaves Sae Green (Greentrax)
The Green Cottage/The Glin Cottage/Julia's Norwegian Brendan Begley & Caomhin Ó Raghallaigh from A Moment of Madness (Brendan Begley & Caomhin Ó Raghallaigh)
Chi Mi Na Hilary Field and Patrice O'Neill from Cantilena (Yellow Tail Records)
Táilliúir an Celia Ní Fhátharta from Irish Traditional Sean Nos Songs (Clo lar-Chonnacht)
J'ai Planté un Chê Mélisande (Electrotrad) from Les Metamorphoses (La Pruche Libre)
[ID excerpt] The Duchess Laura Simpson from Aberdeen Branch Session Fowk (TMSA)
A Highland Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl from Wooden Flute & Fiddle (Make Believe)
Down By the Salley Carolyn Holyoke from Collage (
Cape Breton Carolyn Holyoke from Collage (
Mouth of the Nine-8ths Irish from Out on the Ocean (FGM Records)
Pretty Green Pat Egan and Alex Caton from Fiddle Tunes and Ballads (
Nancy Rowland' Pat Egan and Alex Caton from Fiddle Tunes and Ballads (
Calliope House/Grant's Reel/Trip to Antigonish/Hey Keira from A Fiddle Affair (

May 14, 2015

Program 1668: At the Edge (May 14, 2015) Week 20 

Hear an evolving Celtic roots sound, inspired by jazz and classical arrangements and driven by contemporary and world rhythms.

The Ploughman…by Solas from Waiting for An Echo (Shanachie)
The Reel…by Secret Garden from Earthsongs (Decca)  
Maire Mhilis Bhrea…by Solas from Another Day (Shanachie
Miss You…by Winifred Horan from Just One Wish (Shanachie
Craigie Hills…by Scrûj MacDuhk from the Road to Canso (Scruj Tunes)
A Thousand Roads/The Road to Canso/Hare o’ the Dug…by Scrûj MacDuhk from The Road to Canso  (Scruj Tunes)
ID Excerpt: The Napier Stride…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)
Westlin Winds…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf
The Grand Hotel/Mary Kelly’s Hatchet…by Kila from Luna Park (Kila)  
Atlantic/ Kresal Eta Laino (Celtic Progression)…by Antoni O’Breskey from Mezulari (O’Music)
Who Will Raise Their Voice? Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)
Scraping the Barrel…by Shooglenifty from Live Radical Mestizo (Compass)
MacAlgo…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)