New Radio Playlist
Music details and links from our most recent radio program.

January 11, 2018

Program 1807: New Year, New Music 1 (January 11, 2018) Week 2

Tune in to 2018 with some great music from recent deliveries to the Thistle  mailboxes in Scotland and the U.S. 

Gepetto/Pinokkio…by Trio Dhoor from Momentum (triodhoor.com)
Long Time Travelin'…by Anna & Elizabeth from Anna & Elizabeth (Free Dirt Records)
Boyne Water…by Open the Door for Three from The Joyful Hour (openthedoorforthree.com)
Long Years Ago…by Matthew Byrne from Horizontal Lines (matthewbyrne.net)
Mrs. MacKenzie's…by Graham Mackenzie from Northern Lights (birnamcd)
Rider Coming…by Aurora Celtic from In Full flight (auroracelticmusic.com)
Tehan's/DunmoreLasses…by Aurora Celtic from In Full flight (auroracelticmusic.com)
[ID Excerpt] Huiswaarts…by Trio Dhoor from Momentum (triodhoor.com)
Comin Abergwesyn…by Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion from Dal I 'Redig Dipyn Bach (Sain)
Trip to Skye/The Good Doctor…by Marla Fisbish & Bruce Victor from Noctambule (noctambulemusic.com)
Serán do Seixedos…by A Buxaina from A Way to the Atlantic (compilation distributed exclusively with Songlines Magazine)
The Sandy Shoe…by Chris Gray from Fust! (mdipiper.com)
Greenwood Sidey…by Anna & Elizabeth from Anna & Elizabeth (Free Dirt Records)
The Roscommon/Galway Rambler/Donegal Traveler…by Séagda Coyle from Rip the Bellows ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

January 04, 2018

Program 1806: At the Edge (January 04, 2018) Week 1

Explore an evolving Celtic roots sound, inspired by jazz and classical  arrangements and driven by contemporary and world rhythms. 

The Ploughman…by Solas from Waiting for An Echo (Shanachie
The Reel…by Secret Garden from Earthsongs (Decca)   
Maire Mhilis Bhrea…by Solas from Another Day (Shanachie)   
Miss You…by Winifred Horan from Just One Wish (Shanachie)        
Craigie Hills…by Scrûj MacDuhk from the Road to Canso (Scruj Tunes)
A Thousand Roads/The Road to Canso/Hare o’ the Dug…by Scrûj MacDuhk from The Road to
Canso (Scruj Tunes)
ID Excerpt: The Napier Stride…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)
Westlin Winds…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf)  
The Grand Hotel/Mary Kelly’s Hatchet…by Kila from Luna Park (Kila
Atlantic/ Kresal Eta Laino (Celtic Progression)…by Antoni O’Breskey from Mezulari (O’Music)
Who Will Raise Their Voice?...by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)
Scraping the Barrel…by Shooglenifty from Live Radical Mestizo (Compass
MacAlgo…by John Rae from Celtic Feet (Caber)