Archived Guest Articles
These articles were written for us by people who usually do their talking through music and song. Now here they are in their own words.

Eileen Ivers
The New York Times has hailed Eileen Ivers "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin." Born to Irish immigrant parents and raised in the Bronx, this virtuoso of the fiddle has a signature sound that is grounded in traditional Irish music while embracing African, Latin and American rhythms.
Hamish Moore
When piper Hamish Moore and sax player Dick Lee exploded onto the Scottish music scene to critical acclaim in the late 80s, their unique music was described as "a fusion of folk and jazz." The 90s saw Hamish fuel his burning enthusiasm for Cape Breton music, bringing together many talented players from both sides of the Atlantic. Since then, he has been concentrating on his bagpipe-making business.
Ian Green of Greentrax
How we record, distribute, collect and listen to music is changing rapidly. Pause a while and savor the Greentrax story.
Joanie Madden
This New York native is one of the great personalities in music, and has played with just about everybody in the East Coast Irish music scene. In 1984, Joanie became the only American ever to win the Senior All-Ireland Championship on the whistle. In 1983, she helped found Cherish The Ladies, hailed by The Los Angeles Times as "a superb female ensemble...melodically elegant, rhythmically irresistible," Cherish the Ladies is one of today's most popular and widely travelled bands.
Johnny Cunningham, memories
Founding member of the band Silly Wizard, the brilliant Scottish fiddler Johnny Cunningham died in December 2003. He was very dear to many listeners to The Thistle & Shamrock and we invited them to share their memories of this influential performer of Celtic music and lovely, funny man.
Kim Robertson
Known as a spellbinding soloist and a versatile ensemble player, harper and vocalist Kim Robertson has helped to build the momentum of interest in Celtic harp across North America. She tours extensivley and can be heard in the trio Ferintosh.
Lucy Newman
The Cambridge Folk Festival reviewed by our roving reporter.
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