Archived Guest Articles
These articles were written for us by people who usually do their talking through music and song. Now here they are in their own words.

Maggie MacInnes
Maggie MacInnes is one of Scotland's foremost Gaelic singers and clarsach players, and has performed with various groups including Ossian, Fuaim and Eclipse First. She comes from a long line of singers from the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, learning most of her songs from her mother, the renowned traditional singer Flora MacNeil.
Maggie Sansone
Maggie Sansone is a fine hammered dulcimer and also the powerhouse behind acclaimed artist-oriented independent label Maggie's Music.
Margaret Kennedy
For some time, Margaret Kennedy had been looking for the right mandolin. She had tried a variety of instruments in the States, but hadn't quite found the sound and feel she felt must be out there... somewhere. On a trip to Scotland, she followed a tip to a maker in Perthshire, and finally found her mandolin.

Margaret Tice of Tayberry Music
Margaret Tice founded Tayberry Music, a Celtic and folk recordings internet and mail order service specializing in hard to find recordings. She fulfilled an ambition to travel to Cape Breton in search of music and shared impressions of her adventure. (For current information on Tayberry Music, go to:
Mary Jane Lamond
Singer/songwriter Mary Jane Lamond's formative years were spent moving between Quebec and Ontario, but she soaked up the Gaelic heritage over many summers visiting her grand-parents in Cape Breton. It was there that she first remembers hearing Gaelic songs. The power of that experience and the music that emanated captured Lamond's imagination. She returned to the east coast to study and now lives in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Robin Huw Bowen
Apparently the world's leading player of Welsh Triple harp is paid in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!
Rod Cameron
Rod Cameron is a master flute maker and gifted raconteur. He divides his time between California and his native Scotland from where he reminisced for us.
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