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December 21, 2007  Episode 36
Unwrap Thistlepod’s portable package of Celtic Christmas music.

Apples in Winter…by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig ~ An Irish Christmas (Musical Bridge)
Lully Lullay… by Nightnoise from Celtic Christmas III (Windham Hill)
Galician Carol… by Carlos Nuñez from Celtic Christmas (Windham Hill)
Wintergrace… by Atwater Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Atwater-Donnelly)
Ding Dong Merrily on High… by Frankie Gavin from Narada presents The Best of Celtic Christmas (Narada Media)
Here’s a Health… by Cara Dillon from After the Morning (Cara Dillon)
Cathedral Bells…from The Bells, choir and Organ of Dunkeld Cathedral (Sweet Words)

November 28, 2007 - Episode 35

From funky Aussies, to Scots in Scandanavia, a Serbian tango band, and rootsy American music, it's an eclectic mix of brand new acoustic releases.

Going to Ma Hometown…by Funky String Band from And you may find yourself (Shoogle)
Finnish Schottisches… by Bellevue Rendezvous from Tangents (Bellevue Rendezvous)
Foggy Dew… by Mark Weems from Short Time Here Long time Gone (Little Windows)

Gypsy Tango… by Earth Wheel Sky Band from Tango Around the World (Putumayo)
Íníon Ni Micheál… by Athas from Athas from Athas (Athas Music)
Louisiana 1927… by Martin Simpson with Jackson Browne from Prodigal Son (Compass Records)

November 2, 2007 – Episode 34

Thistlepod is spanned by an arch of strong voices belonging to Amy Speace, Ross Kennedy, Eleanor McEvoy and Katie Doherty. Add pillars of fiddle and whistle in support from Sarah Blair and Gordon Duncan and you're crossing the bridge to a wealth of new releases.

Step Out of the Shade…by Amy Speace from Un-Herd Volume 5 (Rock 'n' Reel)
The Hope Jig/The Wandering Minstel/Jon Mahoney’s #2…by Sarah Blair from Flower of the Red Mill (Newgrange Records)

The Earl o’ Moray…by Ross Kennedy from Ross Kennedy (Greentrax)
Charlotte…by Gordon Duncan from Just for Gordon (Greentrax)
Little Look…by Eleanor McEvoy from Wrong So Wrong (MoscoDisc)
Bridges…by Katie Doherty from Bridges (Park)

In the Moment
October 19, 2007 – Episode 33

New releases from Kate Rusby, Luka Bloom, and John Wright guarantee that we want to stay "In the Moment" with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas and their latest cd.

Alien Ceilidh…by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas from In the Moment (Culburnie)
Planets…by Kate Rusby…from Awkwward Annie (Pure)
Out There…by Luka Bloom from Tribe (Big Sky)
Schindig…by Mabon from Un-Herd Volume 5 (Rock ‘n’Reel)
An Rógaire Dubh…by Lorcán MacMathúna from Rógaire Dubh (Lorcán MacMathúna)
Things We’ve Handed Down…by John Wright from Requests 1 (Twirtle Music)

Man Made
October 1, 2007 - Episode 32

This wide assortment of stellar new releases from Scots and Irishmen encompasses the sounds of full band line-up, singer-songwriter and instrumental soloist.

Braw Sailin' Old Blind Dogs from Four on the Floor (Compass)
Marcus McSpartacus… by Eoin Dillon from The Third Twin (Kila)
Bata is Bothar… by John Spillan & Louis de Paor from The Gaelic Hit Factory (John Spillane)
Raven Dance… by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning from King Raven, Vol 2 (Ark Music)
By the Fire… by Fraser Anderson from Coming Up For Air (Monochrome Records)
Murdo's… by Daimh from Crossing Point (Greentrax)