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All-American Acoustic
June 27, 2007 - Episode 27

Plenty new artists to discover in this instrumental gathering featuring musicians from California, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. An all-American acoustic fest!

Ridées… by Poor Man’s Fortune from In Good Time (
Paddy, Jenny, and The Boys… by Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder from Zephyr in the Confetti Factory ( (
Angelina Baker… by Steve and Ruth Smith from Dancin Cross the Strings (
Ross’s Set… by Burning Bridget Cleary from Catharsis (
Made in Texas… by Hugh Morrison from Under a Texas Skye (
Morgan Magan… by Butch Baldassari & John Mock from Music of O’Carolan (

Grace Notes
June 13, 2007 - Episode 26

From Northumberland to North Carolina, hear fiddle, harp and pipes in the usual fun blend of newly released previews and debuts.
The Sheriff… by Chris Stout Quintet from Devil’s Advocate (
Honning Syp Polsk… by Haugaard ∓ HØrupDanish Roots (
Dynröst… by Catriona McKay of Chris Stout Quintet from Devil’s Advocate (
San Antonio… by Niamh Ni Charra from Both Sides (
Boston Urban Ceilidh… by The Forget-Me-Nots from Fiddlers Three (
Alan & Catherine’s Wedding Jig… by The Kathryn Tickell Band from Instrumental (

All Vocals…Almost
May 17, 2007 - Episode 25

When a new Kevin Burke album falls into your lap, you’re only ever going to play it. But apart from this latest irresistible release from the legendary Irish fiddler, it's a chorus of new songs for you to preview this time on Thistlepod.

Factory Girl… by Beoga from Mischief (
The Doon Reel… by Kevin Burke & Cal Scott from Across the Black River (
I Bhfad I Gcéin… by Chris Corrigan (with Tricia McCrink) (
Cooler at the Edge… by Gráda from Cloudy Day Navigation (
Today’s the Day… by Childsplay from Heaven and Earth (
Green Grows the Laurel… by Kris Drever from Black Water (

May 17, 2007 - Episode 24

With artists from Ireland, Scotland, England, the US and New Zealand, we rip into a world of new Celtic music.

The Pink Flamingo… by Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (
Salsa’s… by The Finlay MacDonald Band from ReEcho (
Au Logis de Mon Père… by June Tabor from Apples (
The Reel Blues Reel… by The Tim Edey Band (featuring Brendan Power) fromFarrago (
A Bhean Ùd Thíos… by Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (
The Monaghan Jig… Round the House from Safe Home (

New Music Pipeline
May 4, 2007 - Episode 23

It's an all-fiddling, singing, piping Thistlepod. Follow the new music pipeline running from Ireland to the US and Australia.

Mullingar League…by Maeve Donnelly from Maeve Donnelly (
Where Shall I Fly…by The Sevens from Valiant (
Napoleon Crossing the Alps…by Gypsy Reel from Red Red Rose (
Mackenzie’s Misfortune …by Dick Hensold from The Pipers’ Gathering 2005 (
The Irish Sea…by Shaun Davey from May We Never Have to Say Goodbye (
Not Just a Refugee…by Alistair Hulett from Behind the Wire (

Old Friends, New Trends
April 13, 2007 - Episode 22

The Corrs, Robin Laing, and Ní Cathasaigh & Newman have been on our radio programs many times. Hear their debuts on Thistlepod as they launch their latest releases, and partner new artists from Canada and Ireland.

I Know My Love... by The Corrs from Dreams – The Ultimate Corrs Collection ( )
Mango... by Crowfoot from As The Crow Flies (
A´ Bunadh... by Robin Laing from One For The Road (
Pheasant Feathers... by Máire Ní Cathasaigh & Chris Newman from Firewire (
Ríl Gan Ainm... Zoë Conway from The Horse’s Tail (
All the Ways You Wander... by Michelle Lally from If This Be Love (