Jan-Mar 2009

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Program 1348: Bass Rock (March 26, 2009) Week 13

Contributions by acoustic and electric bass to Celtic music are subtle, imaginative and, with players like Alain Genty, firmly in the foreground.

Le Petit Encrier…by Tony McManus & Alain Genty from Singing Sands (Greentrax)
Broom of Cowdenknowes…by Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson from Singing the Storm (Cooking Vinyl)
The Ramnee Ceilidh/Release Da Hounds…by Croft No. Five from Attention All Personnel (Foot Stompin’)
Worcester City…by Eliza Carthy from Anglicana (Topic)
Trois Messagers…by Alain Genty from Une Petite Lanterne (Keltia Musique)
At Dawn of Day/Grey-haired Woman from Raasay…by Capercaillie from Choice Language (Vertical)
ID Excerpt: A Forest Plin…by Alain Genty from La Couleur du Milieu (Coop Breiz)
Dans Tro Lors…by Annie Ebrel & Riccardo Del Fra from Voulez Loar – Velluto di Luna (Gwerz)
She’s in the Attic…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
May Colvin…by Sìleas from Play on Light (Greentrax)
Smile/Mrs Elizabeth Thoumire…by Simon Thoumire Three from Waltzes for Playboys (Acoustic Radio)That’s the Way It Is…by Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from Passe Avant (Park Records)
Four Wishes…by the Kathryn Tickell Band from Signs (Black Crow)

Program 1347: Solas (March 19, 2009) Week 12

The music of Solas is always exciting perhaps because it’s constantly evolving. Meet Seamus Egan and Win Horan who chat about their roles in shaping Irish-America’s most influential band and share loads of their music with us.

The Flowing Bowl/Maire Breathnach’s/The Doon Reel/Mason’s Men…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)
Aililiú Na Gamhna…by Solas from Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers (Shanachie)
The Stride/Tom Doherty’s/The Contradiction/Viva Glicia…by Solas from The Words That Remain (Shanachie)
Pastures of Plenty…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)
Black Annis…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)
ID excerpt: Who’s in the What Now…by Solas from The Edge of Silence (Shanachie)
Homeless…by Solas from The Hour Before Dawn (Shanachie)
The Hanover Reel/John James’ Reel/The Copperplate…by Solas from Waiting For An Echo (Shanachie)
Darkness, Darkness…by Solas from The Edge of Silence (Shanachie)
Seven Curses…by Solas from For Love And Laughter (Compass)
Timmy Clifford’s/The Return Home/O’ot Be Est Da Vong/John Joe Casey’s….by Solas from Reunion (Compass)


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Program 1346: Irish Classics (March 12, 2009) Week 11

Early Bothy Band, Kevin Burke, Paul Brady: it’s all here in our nostalgic browse through Irish classics of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Jimmy Lyon’s/The Teelin/The Red Crow/The Broken Bridge…by Altan from The Red Crow (Green Linnet)
City of Chicago…by Christy Moore from Ride On (Green Linnet)
The Parting of Friends…by Matt Molloy from Stony Steps (Green Linnet)
Maudabawn Chapel/The Wild Irishman/The Moher Reel…by Kevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill from Green Linnet 20th Anniv. Collection (Green Linnet)
Amhrán Pheadar Breathnach by Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill from No Dowry (Shanachie)
The Lakes of Pontchartrain…by Paul Brady from The Missing Liberty Tapes (Compass)
ID Excerpt: Sligo Reel…by Flook from Flatfish (Flatfish Records)
The Kesh Jig/Give Us a Drink of Water/The Flower of the Flock/Famous Ballymote…by The Bothy Band from Live in Concert (Green Linnet)
Song for Ireland…by Mary Black from The Collection (Telstar)
The Storm…by Moving Hearts from The Storm (Son)
On Horseback…by Eileen Ivers from Wild Blue (Green Linnet)
Blackwater…by Altan from Blackwater (Virgin)
Lois Na Banríona (Fort of the Fairy Queen)... by Nollaig Casey and Arty McGlynn from Causeway (Tara)
Timedance ’92: The Ballymun Regatta…by Bill Whelan, Liam O’Flynn, Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine from The Seville Suite (Tara)

Program 1345: New Traditions (March 5, 2009) Week 10

Music from traditional roots absorbs new influences and styles from the Celtic heartlands and around the world. Hear the best of the emerging sounds.

Chetvorno Horo…by Andy Irvine & Davy Spillane from Eastwind (Tara)
Oro Mhile Gra/A Thousand Times My Love…by Susan McKeown from Sweet Liberty (World Village)
Afro-Jig…by Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul from Immigrant Soul (Koch)
Braighe Locheil… by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada)
Bully’s Kila from Luna Park (World Village)
Maith Dhom… by Kila from Luna Park (World Village)
The Heather in Winter… by John Whelan and friends from Flirting With the Edge (Narada)
ID: Excerpt: Making Bag o’ Cats from Out of the Bag (Greentrax)
King of Laois…by Bag o’ Cats from Out of the Bag (Greentrax)
I Must Away Love…by Halali from Halali (Footprint)
Jimmy Boyle’s/The Roaring Bar Maid/Joy Go With My Love… by Halali from Halali (Footprint)
Breton Tune/Ajde Jano… by Moishe’s Bagel from Don’t Spare the Horses (Moishe's Bagel)
Ajde Jano… by Talitha Mackenzie from Spiorad (Shanachie)
A Thousand Curses on Love… by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada)

Program 1344: Welsh Momentum (February 26, 2009) Week 9

Emerging Welsh roots recordings vary from traditional harp music to genre-bending blends of Latin, funk, and Afrobeat. Hear established and emerging artists including Drymbago, Mim Twm Llai, Gwenan Gibbard, and Crasdant.

Mympwy Llwydd…by Crasdant from Trad Roots (Sain)
Si hei lwli Sali…by Mim Twm Llai from Straeon y Cymdogion (Sain)
Mordaith I America…by Siân James from Pur (Recordiau Bos)
Daw’r Dydd…by Drymbago from Dyddiau Da (Rasal)
Polcas Llewelyn Alaw…by Gwenan Gibbard from Y Gwenith Gwynnaf (Sain)
Seren y Gogledd/Difyrrwch Gwyr y Gogledd/Conset Arglwyddes Treffael…by Dylan Fowler from Ffynnon Ofar (Acoustic Music)
Y Gwydd…by Julie Murphy (with Dylan Fowler) from Ffawd (Ffach)
Amazing Grapes/Carousel Waltz…by Allan Yn Y Fan from Belonging (Steam Pie)
ID Excerpt: Hen ferchetan, Nyth y gwcw…by Neil Browning from Scwisbocs (Sain)
Cwcw Fach…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
Le Petit Cordonier…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
Ffidl-ffadl/Y Delyn Newydd…by Neil Browning from Scwîsbocs (Sain)
Coleg y Brifysgol Abertawe/Y Gwningen Gymreig…by Ogam from O Gam I Gam (Sain)
Rasio’r Goleuadau…by Gwilym Morus from Traffig (Rasal)
Galw…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
Twll Yn Y To/Cymro O Ble?/Pedwar Post Y Gwely II…by Ar Log from Trad Roots (Sain)

Program 1343: Underneath the Stars (February 19, 2009) Week 8

Our music looks to the Northern and Western skies for inspiration this week from ancient landscapes that have always drawn meaning, guidance and solace from the sun, moon and stars.

The Moonlight Piper…by Carlos Núñez with The Chieftains from Brotherhood of Stars (RCA Victor)
The Kate Rusby from Awkward Annie (Pure Records)
The Sound of the Sun: The Three Sea Captains / The Sound of the Fred Morrison from The Sound of the Sun (Lochshore)
Land of the Setting Sun…by Talitha Mackenzie from Indian Summer (Sonas)
Hunter's Moon/Getting There/The Morris Liz Carroll & John Doyle from In Play (Compass)
Such a Night of Stars… by Eamon Friel from Word of Spring (Thran)
ID excerpt: The Crow in the Sun …by Dáithí Sproule from The Crow in the Sun (New Folk)
New Moon…by Ceilidh Minogue from Ceilidh Minogue (Greentrax)
Sun, Moon and Stars…by Filska from A Thousand Miles Away (Foot Stompin’)
Laughing With the Moon…by Hilary James & Simon Mayor from Laughing with the Moon (Acoustics Records)
Moondance…by Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
Lloer Dirion (Tender Moon) Carreg Lafar from Profiad (Carreg Lafar)
Dark Light…by Davy Spillane from A Place Among the Stones (Columbia)

Program 1342: Celtic Romance (February 12, 2009) Week 7

Lose yourself in the sound of soulful ballads and songs of loving, leaving, and loneliness in new and traditional Celtic music of the heart.

Silver Dagger…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)
The Lea Rig…by Jim Malcolm from Home (Beltane)
Wrong Foot Forward…by Flook from Haven (Flatfish Records)
Maidin Fhomhair/Princess Royal…by Susan McKeown from Blackthorn: Irish Love Songs (World Village)
Julia’s Waltz…by Natalie MacMaster from Yours Truly (Rounder)
ID Excerpt: The House of Little Lights…by Flook from Haven (Flatfish Records)
The False Lover Won Back…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
Gone to the Bower/Olaf Cowan's Welcome to Wardleburn/The Road to Glountane…by Malinky from 3 Ravens (Greentrax)
And I Love You So…by Pauline Scanlon from Red Colour Sun (Compass)
Fear a Bhata…by Mairi MacInnes from This Feeling Inside (Greentrax)
We’ll Be Together Again…by Dougie MacLean from Who Am I (Dunkeld)
Timmy Clifford’s/The Return Home/O'ot Be Est Da Vong/John Jo Casey's…by Solas from Reunion (Compass)

Program 1341: Classically Celtic (February 5, 2009) Week 6

Hear music that draws upon traditional roots whilst oozing classical style, albeit with string sections sounding just a little more racy than usual!

Dr. Gilbert’s…by Padraic O’Reilly from Highly Strung! (Rath)
Si Dolce è’l Tormento…by Tony McManus from The Maker’s Mark (Greentrax)
The Lass o’ Gowrie…by Jean Redpath from Will Ye No Come Back Again (Greentrax)
Baby Broon/Space to Breathe/Slowing down/Vanessa Edward’s Enviable Rhythm…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical)
ID excerpt: With a Love That’s True…by Padraic O’Reilly from Highly Strung! (Rath)
Accokeek…by Al Petteway & Amy White from Acoustic Journey (Maggie’s Music)
Ceann Dubh Díilis…by Anúna and the Ulster Orchestra from Behind the Closed Eye (Greentrax)
Water Music…by Pierre Bensusan from Musiques (Windham Hill)
Not From These Parts/Five is Better/At the Edge/Life is Good…by Patsy Reid from Bridging the Gap (Vertical)
Fill To Me the Parting Glass…by Shaun Davey with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and soloists from May We Never Have to Say Goodbye (Tara)

Program 1340: Burns Homecoming  (January 29, 2009)  Week 5

Homecoming Scotland 2009 celebrates the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth with a year-long programme of events across the land.  We mark the launch with an hour of musical innovation and tradition inspired by Burns’ legacy.

The Lea Rig…by The Paul McKenna Band from Between Two Worlds (Greentrax)
Now Westlin Winds…by Dick Gaughan from Gaughan Live! At the Trades Club (Greentrax)
Ae Fond Kiss…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin’)
Braw Lads o’ Gala Water…by Ed Miller from Lyrics of Gold (Wellfield)
Highland Mary…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane)
Rigs o’ Barley…by Emily Smith from A Day Like Today (Foot Stompin’)
ID excerpt: Brose and Butter…by Corrina Hewat from My Favourite Place (Foot Stompin’)
The Slave’s Lament…by Feisty Besoms from Auld Flames (Feisty Besoms)
Parcel of Rogues in a Nation…by Rod Paterson from Songs from the Bottom Drawer (Greentrax)
Ye Jacobites…by Eddi Reader from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (Compass)
Aye Walkin’ O…by Jock Tamson’s Bairns from Rare (Greentrax)
O My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose…by June Tabor from Rosa Mundi (Green Linnet)
Auld Lang Syne…by Jim Malcolm from Acquaintance (Beltane)
Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonie Doon…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (

Program 1339: Mando Banjo Magic (January 22, 2009) Week 4

Stringed instruments of all sorts help forge this music’s identity.  This week we feature two that have become central to its sound with Seamus Egan, Jane Rothfield, and Gerry O’Connor.

Bag of Spuds/Copperplate Reel…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
It’s Still Raining/Carlisle Street Reels…by Solas from Another Day (Shanachie)
Merry Go Round…by Solas from For Love And Laughter (Compass)
Frosty Morning/Santa Anna’s Retreat/Santa Anna’s March…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf Records)
He’s Gone Away…by Simon Mayor Quintet from Mondolinquents (Acoustics)
Loudeac Round Dances…by Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder from Zephyr in the Confetti Factory ( /
Two of a Kind…by Lunasa from Sé (Compass)
ID Excerpt: Brendan O’Regan’s Reels…by Gerry O’Connor from No Place Like Home (Myriad Media)
Fade Away…by Harem Scarem from Storm in a Teacup (Vertical)
Carry Me Back…by Jane Rothfield from iFiddle theyBanjo ( )
The Bonny Irish Boy… by The Green Fields of America from The Green Fields of America (Compass)
Fahey’s #25/Molly on the Shore/Bonnie Anne…by The Green Fields of America from The Green Fields of America (Compass)
Bound…by Eliza Lynn from The Weary Wake Up ( )
Early Mornin’ Train…by Jack Evans from Once Upon a Time in the North (Greentrax)
McConnell’s Rant…by Shooglenifty from Troots (Shoogle)

Program 1338: New Voices (January 15, 2009) Week 3

Enjoy music of a number of rising artists from Ireland and beyond, and meet Scottish singer-songwriter Fraser Anderson who recorded a studio session for us.

Rain and Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Trees and Fraser Anderson from and the girl with the strawberry (Monochrome Records)
Wearin' the Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Crooked Bodega from Bodega (Greentrax)
Compositions: Rattie's/Sassakia/ Bodega from Bodega (Greentrax)
Light Kerfuffle from Links (Root Beat Records)
ID Excerpt: Intro ... by Kerfuffle from Links (Root Beat Records)
Just Hangin' Fraser Anderson from and the girl with the strawberry (Monochrome Records)
untitled new Fraser Anderson recorded exclusively for The Thistle & Shamrock (unavailable)
Clock Fraser Anderson recorded exclusively for The Thistle & Shamrock (unavailable)
I'll Never Let You Fraser Anderson from and the girl with the strawberry (Monochrome Records)
Rockets Fraser Anderson from and the girl with the strawberry (Monochrome Records) Kerfuffle from Links (Root Beat Records)

Program 1337: Horizons  (January 8, 2009)  Week 2

Tune into sounds that are turning a new generation onto Celtic music including flute and whistle player Michael McGoldrick, singer Emily Smith, and piper Stuart Cassells who fronts the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

James Brown’s March/Noon Lassies…by Michael McGoldrick from Fused ( Vertical)
Skidoo…by Mairead Nesbitt from Raining Up (Vertical)
Edward of Morton…by Emily Smith from A Different Life (White Fall)
Scottish Piano Fusion…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Waltz Harry lane/The Steampacket/Crowley’s #2…by Cé  from Between Words (Cé Music)
The Flower of Magherally O…by Pauline Scanlon from Hush (Compass)
Two of a Kind…by Lunasa from Sé (Compass
ID Excerpt: Reeling Piano – Catharsis…by Sandy Meldrum from Scottish Piano Fusion (Greentrax)
Suite de Larides…by Fraser Fifield Trio from Slow Stream  (Tanar)
Rasio’r Goleuadau…by Gwilym Morus from Traffic (Rascal)
Karabach…by Martyn Bennett & Tommy Smith from Ceol Tacsi (Vertical)
Kaleidoscope…by Shona Mooney from Heartsease (Footstompin)
Never…by Harem Scarem from Let Them Eat Fishcake (Vertical)
November…by Sunhoney from November (Vertical)
The Rutting/Athol Cummers/The Prince of Wales/Bodhran Solo/Angus McGonnagle, The Gargling Gargoyle… by  Stuart Cassells from Blown Away (Footstompin)

Program 1336: Cara Dillon (January 1, 2009) Week 1

Her voice has mesmerized audiences in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America and Cara Dillon has won many accolades for her recordings, including two prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Meet this great singer from County Derry and share her infectious passion for the songs of her homeland.

Bold Jamie…by Cara Dillon from After the Morning (Rough Trade)
The Maid of Culmore…by Cara Dillon from Cara Dillon (Rough Trade)
P Stands for Paddy…by Oige from Live (Lochshore)
The Lonesome Scenes of Winter…by Cara Dillon from Cara Dillon (Rough Trade)
Garden Valley…by Cara Dillon from After the Morning (Rough Trade)
ID excerpt: Bonny Bonny…. By Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade)
The Emigrant’s Farewell…by Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade)
The Winding River Roe…by Cara Dillon from Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade)
Brockagh Braes…by Cara Dillon from After the Morning (Rough Trade)
Here’s a Health…by Cara Dillon from After the Morning (Rough Trade)
Liz Carroll’s/Boys of the Lough/Mother’s Delight…by Oige from Live (Lochshore)