Oct-Dec 2008

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Program 1335: Midwinter Sun (December 25, 2008) Week 52

Hear music that ushers the sun through the shortest days of the year and upholds the ancient spirit of Yule.

Da Day Dawn…by Chris Stout from First o’ the Darkening (Greentrax)
Winter Solstice…by Atwater Donnelly from When Winter Calls (Rabbit Island Music)
The Time is Approaching…by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig ~ An Irish Christmas (Musical Bridge)
Who Knows Where the Time Goes…by Maggie Reilly from Rowan (Red Berry Records)
Through the Bitter Frost and Snow…by Susan McKeown and Lindsey Horner from A Winter’s Tale (Celtic Heartbeat)
Variations: Lo, How a Rose E’er Booming…by Turtle Island String Quartet from By the Fireside (Windham Hill)
The Coming of Winter…by Anúna and the Ulster Orchestra from Behind the Closed Eye (Danú)
[ID excerpt] Drive the Cold Winter Away…by Sue Richards from Merrily Greet the Time (Maggie’s Music)
Haul Brothers, Haul!…by Coyote Run from Tend the Fire (Run Wild Records)
Garçon Á Marier/Orgies Nocturnes/Dans Fisel…by Touchstone from A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh (Green Linnet)
The Snows…by Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill and Triona Ní Dhomhnaill from Celtic Christmas III (Windham Hill)
The Slippery Slope/Wullie’s Wopper/Tam the Bam...by Pete Clark from Now & Then (Inver)
Winter Light...by Kenneth Steven from Sanctuary ~ Poems of Celtic Spirituality (Saint Andrew Press)
Return to the Stewartry/Slanttigart/Tame her When da Snaw Comes... by Catriona Macdonald from Bold (Peerie Angel Productions)
Carol of the Kings…by Alison Brown Quartet from A Winter’s Eve (Compass)

Program 1334: Season’s Greetings from The Thistle & Shamrock (December 18, 2008) Week 51

Join us around the hearth for our annual holiday gathering of seasonal music and greetings.

Wassail! Wassail All Over the Town! O'r the Gloucester Wassail/ We Wish You a Merry Christmas/The Bottle of Punch...by Bonnie Rideout & Friends from A Scottish Christmas Celebration (Tulloch Music)
The Seven Rejoices of Mary...by Sharon Shannon with Sinead O'Connor from Libertango (Compass)
Henry Roe McDermott/The Holly and the Berry...by Cherish the Ladies from On Christmas Night (Rounder)
A Daisy in December...by Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan from Serenade (Compass)
Verbum Caro...by Mediaeval Baebes from Salva Nos (Virgin)
Da Day Dawn/Christmas Day in the Morning...by Tony McManus & Alain Genty from Singing Sands (Greentrax)
Kilmore Carol...by The Voice Squad from Many's the Foolish Youth (Tara)
ID Excerpt: Ty Crwn…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
A Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn...by Johnny Cunningham & Susan McKeown from A Winter Talisman (Sheila-na-Gig Music)
All in the Morning...by June Tabor from Maddie Prior's Ballads & Candles (Park)
Carol of the Bells...by Jerry Reid Smith from One Wintry Night (Silent Planet)
Ode to Bridget... by Nóirín Ní Riain from Celtic Soul (Earth Music Productions)
Gabhaim Molta Bridge/Gabriel's Message...by Kim Robertson from Christmas Lullaby (Gourd)
Bright Star...by Moya Brennan from Two Horizons (Decca)
God Rest Ye Swinging Gentlemen...by Simon Mayor from Winter With Mandolins (Acoustic)

Program 1333: Ferintosh (December 11, 2008) Week 50

We explore a distinctive blend of Celtic and Baroque music this week, largely sourced from 18th century collections of Scottish airs and dance tunes. It comes to us from studio guests Ferintosh (fiddler David Greenberg, cellist Abby Newton, and harper Kim Robertson) who chat about their musical inspirations and journeys.

Da Full Rigged Ship/Da New Rigged Ship…by Abby Newton from Crossing to Scotland (Culburnie)
Ferintosh/ Irvin Stiple/John Howat’s Reel…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
The Forest of Ga-ick/The Forest where the Deer Resort/ The Kilchattan Wedding…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
Logan Water Song/The Blackbird/Lark in the Morning/Bog an Lochan/The Corbey and the Pyett/Green Grow the Rashes…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
ID Excerpt: Tullochgorum…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
Tullochgorum…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
Kinrara/Forneth House…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
A Mhairi Bhan Og/Rowing from Isla to Uist/A’Bhliadhna Gus an Aimfir Fo…by Abby Newton from Castles, Kirks and Caves (Redwing Music)
The Languor of Love…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)
Bernard’s Well/ Neil Roy…by Ferintosh from Ferintosh (www.ferintosh.com)

Program 1332: Roots Run Deep (December 4, 2008) Week 49

Musical Communities coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada show their roots with great traditional fiddling, expressive singing, and ear-catching blends of American and Celtic music.

Fremont Center/The Vornado/Minutemen…by Liz Carroll & John Doyle from In Play (Compass Records)
Thady Casey’s & The Reel of Rio…by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Blue Skies Above (EatsRecords)
The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter…by Halali from Halali (Footprint Records)
Conset Y Peipar Coch…by Steve Baughman & Robin Bullock from Celtic Guitar Summit (Solid Air Records)
Monymusk/Stormont Lads/Sally Garden/Colonel McBain/Culfadda Reel…by Natalie MacMaster from Yours Truly (Rounder Records)
I Will Set My Ship in Order…by Julee Glaub from Blue Waltz (Julee Glaub)
Hunt the Cat/The Hatter from Nenagh…by Colcannon from Trad. (Oxford Road Records)
ID Excerpt: Skidoo...by Cluan from The High Road (Cluan)
Green Grows the Laurel…by Cluan from The High Road (Cluan)
Callipygian/Hoban’s On 63rd/O’Keefe’s Mother’s…by Bohola from 4 (Shanachie Records)
Betsy Belle and Mary Gray…by Cherish the Ladies from Women of the House (Rounder Records)
Little Ditty…by Leahy from In All Things (Narada World)
High Places…by Leahy from In All Things (Narada World)
Foxhunter Waltz…by Tom Landa and The Paperboys from Postcards (Red House Records)
Smithereens/The Devil in the Kitchen/King George the IV/The King’s Reel/Gettin’ Reel/The High Road to Linton… by Jeremy Kittel from Roaming (Jeremy Kittel)

Program 1331: A Visit with Jean Ritchie (November 27, 2008) Week 48

Travel with us to the North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and Warren Wilson College, home to the Swannanoa Gathering series of folk arts workshops. A legendary figure in American music joined the Gathering during its “Traditional Song Week” launch: Jean Ritchie, born and raised in Viper, Kentucky in the heart of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Jean was an important figure on the New York folk scene in the 1950s and is credited with reviving interest in the mountain dulcimer, once a regional folk instrument only. In her long career, she has recorded more than 30 albums, published 10 books and won numerous awards, including the nation’s highest honor in folk and traditional arts: the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship. Join our intimate audience at the Swannanoa Gathering and meet songwriter and collector, dulcimer player and singer, Jean Ritchie.

An hour a week isn't enough! Check our Radio Extras to hear more from this program.

The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore…by Jean Ritchie from High Hills and Mountains (Greenhays)
Black Waters…by Jean Ritchie from None But One (Greenhays)
Old George’s Square…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa
Shady Grove…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa
[ID excerpt] Over the River to Feed My Sheep…by Jean Ritchie from The Most Dulcimer (Greenhays)
Amaziing Grace…by Jean Ritchie – performed live with audience at Swannanoa
Where Are You Going?…by Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson from At Folk City (Smithsonian Folkways)
Little Bird…by Jean Ritchie – performed live at Swannanoa
None But One…by Jean Ritchie from None But One (Greenhays)

Program 1330: St Andrew’s Ceilidh (November 20, 2008) Week 47

Celebrated throughout the world by anyone with Scottish connections, St. Andrew’s Day is a time for ceilidhs and music-fuelled fun. We hear dance music from traditional bands and innovators, songs that make you want to dance, and Connie Irvine walks you through the steps of a Scottish Country Dance anyone can do!

When the Night is Young…by Jim Malcolm from Tam o’ Shanter and Other Tales (Beltane)
The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Welcome to the Shetland Isles…by The Iron Horse from The Iron Horse (Klub)
Puirt-a-beul Set…by Julie Fowlis from Cuilidh (Shoeshine)
The Gathering, The Welcome, The Dance…by Highland Connection from Gaining Ground (Greentrax)
Time to Dance…by The Finlay MacDonald Band from ReEcho (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] Hoof and Mouth…by Open House from Hoof and Mouth (Green Linnet)
Abby’s Jig/The Jilting…by Burach from Unstoppable (Brechin All Records)
The Step-Dancing Song…by the Cast from The Winnowing (Culburnie)
Fiddle Burns: Duncan Gray/Whistle and I’ll Come Tae Ye, My Lad/My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet…by Filska from Shetland Dialect (Veesik)
Sanderson Reel…by Jimmy Mitchell from private recording (not available)
The Ferry/The Cornerhouse/ Balcomie House/The Dandy Dancer… by Simon Howie Scottish Dance Band from The Dark Island (Shelburn Associates)
A Final Blast…by The Occasionals from Live from The Music Hall Aberdeen (Greentrax)
Eilidh’s Reel/Morning Dew…by All Jigged Out from Wish Hill (Hobgoblin)

Program 1329: Heart of the Session (November 13, 2008) Week 46

From Matt Molloy’s pub in County Mayo, Ireland to Edinburgh’s famous folk bar “Sandy Bell’s,” we celebrate the sound of communal music making.

James and Lara's Wedding/The Lassies of Stewarton/Sully's No. 6...by Claire McLaughlin, Marianne Campbell, John Morran from The Flowers of Edinburgh (Tartan Tapes)
Lament: The Parting of Friends ...by Matt Molloy, Arty McGlynn and friends from Music at Matt Molloy's (Real World)
Jackie Coleman's/Pigtown ...by Matt Molloy, Arty McGlynn and friends from Music at Matt Molloy's (Real World)
Cape Breton Jig's/McGurk's...by Matt Molloy, Arty McGlynn and friends from Music at Matt Molloy's (Real World)
After Hours...by Battlefield Band from Home Ground (Temple)
An Comhra Donn/The Galway/The Strand by Bell's Big Ceilidh Band and Chorus from Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Greentrax)
Doon in the Wee Room...by Bell's Big Ceilidh Band and Chorus from Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (Greentrax)
ID excerpt: Rocking the Crale…by Arty McGlynn from Music at Matt Molloy’s (Real World)
Miss Thornton's/My Love is in America ...by Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary, Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's (http://www.liveatmonas.com)
Maidin Fhomhair...by Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary, Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's (http://www.liveatmonas.com )
I Was a Young Man...by Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's (http://www.liveatmonas.com)
Jig Jazz ...by Brendan Power, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed, John Robert Deyell, Alasdair Fraser, Kathryn Tckell from The Gathering (Real World)
Lay Dee at Dee/Spence's Reel/Faery Reel ...by Brendan Power, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed, John Robert Deyell, Alasdair Fraser, Kathryn Tickell from The Gathering (Real World)
Green Brechan's of Branton/Peacock's March/I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me...by KathrynTickell from The Gathering (Real World)
The Black Haired Lass...by Patrick Ourceau, Eamon O'Leary, Susan McKeown, Steve Johnson and friends from Live at Mona's (http://www.liveatmonas.com)

Program 1328: Thistlepod Introduces… (November 6, 2008) Week 45

Join us and browse music excerpted in our new releases podcasts to hear full tracks introducing emerging artists’ brilliant debuts. (Some old favourites too!)

The Nightingale…by Mark Dunlop from Islands on the Moon (Greentrax)
Eoin Bear’s Reel/Tune for Sharon/The Rossa Reel…by Solas from For Love and Laughter (Compass)
Erin’s Lovely Home…by Karan Casey from Ships in the Forest (Compass)
May Colvin…by Emily Smith from Too Long Away (Spit & Polish/Shoeshine)
Nuair Bhios Mi Leam Fhin…by Duncan Chisolm from Farrar (Copperfish)
Shepherd on the Hill…by Archie Fisher from Windward Away (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] The 303…by Duncan Chisolm from Farrar (Copperfish)
Swansea Barracks…by Rag Foundation from Minka (Fflach)
Final Reel…by Scythian from Immigrant Road Show (www.scythianmusic.com)
Mad Tom of Bedlam…by Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller from In a Bleeze (Greentrax)
Such a Night of Stars… by Eamon Friel from Word of Spring (Thran)
Stewarts…by Lau from Lau Live (Reveal/Compass)
Missing Tramp…by Bodega from Under the Counter (Greentrax)

Program 1327: Samhain (October 30, 2008) Week 44

Myth, magic and mystery permeate the music of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Wales. We mark the time of the ancient Celtic New Year this week and are enchanted by music of the supernatural.

Swelkie/The Teran…by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley from Mither o’ the Sea (Greentrax)
The Loch Ness Monster…by The Whistlebinkies from Albannach (Greentrax)
King Orfeo…by Malinky from The Unseen Hours (Greentrax)
Les Elfes…by Jean-Michel Veillon from Er Pasker (Coop Breizh)
The House Carpenter…by Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle from A Stroll Through the Park (Park)
King of the Fairies/The Blackbird…by Sarah McQuaid from When Two Lovers Meet (www.sarahmcquaid.com)
[ID excerpt] Kas a-Barh…by Gwenola Roparz from Telenn Vreizh (Arfolk)
The Deil’s Awa’ wi’ th’Exciseman…by Gill Bowman from Toasting the Lassies (Greentrax)
An Emotional Fish…by The Color of Memory from The Old Man & The Sea (Iona)
Broken Mirror part 2…by All Jigged Out from Wish Hill (Hobgoblin)
Eliz Iza… by David ‘Hopi’ Hopkins from Les Grands Airs Celitques (Keltia Musique)
Breuddwyd…by Ffynnon from Adar Gwylltion (Taith)
Samhain Set: All Hallow’s Eve/The Seeker…by Maggie Sansone from A Traveler’s Dream (Maggie’s Music)
November…by Sunhoney from Folktopia Vol.1 (Vertical)

Program 1342: Fall Fest (October 23, 2008) Week 43

Hear music of crisp frosty mornings, fresh fall breezes, changing leaves and nature preparing itself for the coming of winter. Included is music from Dougie MacLean’s Perthshire Amber Festival.

Frosty Morning/Santa Anna’s Retreat/Santa Anna’s March…by Robin Bullock from The Enchanted Woods (Dancing Wolf)
Marigold/Harvest Home…by Maddie Prior from Year (Park)
The Rainy Day/The Man of the House…by Billy McComiskey from Outside the Box (Compass)
Cold, Haily, Rainy Night…by Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Chris Wood and The Young Coppers with Trans-Global Underground from The Imagined Village (Real World)
The Castle of Dromore…by Julee Glaub from Fields Faraway (www.juleeglaub.com)
The Broomfield Hill…by Malinky from Flower & Iron (Greentrax)
[ID excerpt] Grainne’s Grace…by Billy McComiskey from Outside the Box (Compass)
Among the Heather…by McGlynn, Newman, Casey, Ni Chathasaigh from Heartstring Sessions (Old Bridge)
Northern Lights…by Frigg from Economy Class (Northside)
Lull IV: Can’t Stop It Raining…by Rachel Unthank & The Winterset from The Bairns (Real World)
Fourth Movement: Rannoch, Butterstone Puddock, Castle Menzies, The Things We Love, Perthshire Amber…by Dougie MacLean from Perthshire Amber (Dunkeld)
Crow Creek…by The Critton Hollow String Band from Celtic Colours International Festival: The Road Home (SMP)
Lament for Limerick/Thomond Bridge…by McGlynn, Newman, Casey, Ni Chathasaigh from Heartstring Sessions (Old Bridge)

Program 1325: Continental Celtic (October 16, 2008) Week 42

Follow hypnotic dance rhythms to Brittany and Galicia, explore a panorama of songs in Breton, French and Spanish, and savor the essence of continental Celtic music.

Spike Island Lasses…Dan Ar Braz with Nollaig Casey from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
The Water is Wide…by Niamh Parsons from Blackbirds & Thrushes (Green Linnet)
The Cockerel in the Creel…by Capercaillie from Nadurra (Survival)
Fest Stivell: Gwriziad Difennet/Gouel Hollvedel/Feunteun Zen…by Kornog from Korong (Green Linnet)
Suzy McGuire…by Alan Stivell from Again (Disques Dreyfus)
Caraena…by Bill Whelan from The Seville Suite (Tara)
ID excerpt: Scottish Suite…by Dan Ar Braz with Bagad Kemper from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
Y Gwydd…by Ffynnon from Celtic Music from Wales (Green Linnet)
Blodau’r Flwyddyn…by Crasdant from Nos Sadwrn Bach (Sain)
Little Red Bird…by Emma Christian from Celtic Voices (Narada)
Evit Ar Bras…by Dan Ar Bras from Made in Breizh (Tinder)
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy…by Carlos Nunez with Mike Scott and Paddy Keenan from Os Amores Libres (RCA)
Vals Breton/Muieira Picada…by Susana Seivane from Alma de Buxo (Green Linnet)
Farewell to Ireland/Foxhunter’s Reel…by Celtic Fiddle Festival from Encore (Green Linnet)

Program 1324: Road of Tears (October 9, 2008) Week 41

From broadsheet ballads to music hall choruses, songs have served to document true-life immigrant experiences through time. Today Battlefield Band, Mick Moloney and Mary Black continue in that tradition.

Ely Parker/Miss Martin’s Wedding/The Primrose Lassies/Mr Galloway Goes to Washington…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple)
Pastures of Plenty…by Solas from Reunion - A Decade of Solas (Compass)
Paddy’s Lamentation/Ships are Sailing…by Mary Black from Long Journey Home (BMG)
Farewell and Remember Me…by Boys of the Lough from Farewell and Remember Me (Shanachie Entertainment)
Farewell to St. Kilda…by The Whistlebinkies from Albannach (Greentrax)
McKay Country (Sutherland)…by Kathleen MacInnes from Summer Dawn (Greentrax)
Farewell to Ireland/Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)
ID excerpt: Ms Dynamite of Benbecula…by Battlefield Band from Out For the Night (Temple)
The Road of Tears…by Battlefield Band from The Road of Tears (Temple)
Paddy Works on the Railway…by Mick Moloney from Far From the Shamrock Shore (Shanachie Entertainment)
The Maids of Galway/The Reel of Rio/Coyne’s Return/Return to Miltown/Hunting the Boyne/Return of the Maids…by Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Seamus Eagan, Eileen Ivers, Robbie O’Connell from The Green Fields of America (Green Linnet)
Stor Mo Chroi…by Sean Keane from Turn a Phrase (Kells Music)
The May Morning Dew…by Davy Spillane from The Sea of Dreams (Covert Records)
The Maid of Mount Cisco/Farewell to Connaught/Farewell to Ireland…by Dolores Keane, John Faulkner, Eamonn Curran from Farewell to Eirinn (Wundertute)

Program 1323: Stage & Screen (October 2, 2008) Week 40

Irish traditional arts thrive on Ireland’s westerly Aran Isles, home to the internationally acclaimed music and dance show Ragús. Along with excerpts from this show we explore a variety of music from theatrical productions.

Dancing at Lughnasa...by Nollaig Casey, Mairtin O'Connor, Davy Spillane, Bill Whelan, Martin Murray, Sean Halpenny from Dancing At Lughnasa (Sony Classical)
Billy's Bobby Theme...by John McCusker and friends from Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand (Pure Records)
Let the Cold Wind Blow...by Kate Rusby and John McCusker from Heartlands (Pure Records)
Billy's March... by John McCusker and friends from Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand (Pure Records)
Rights of Man/The Two Conneeleys...by Fergal O'Murchu, Maurice Lennon, Gary Roche and friends from Ragus an seo (Gael Linn)
ID excerpt: Banjo Reel…by John McCusker and friends from Billy Connolly's Musical Tour of New Zealand (Pure Records)
O'Donnell's Lament/Reel With Beryle...by Eileen Ivers from Long Journey Home (Unisphere Records)
The Cuckoo Bird...by Deana Carter from Songcatcher from Songcatcher (Vanguard Records)
Tell Me Now (What You See)...by Moya Brennan from King Arthur (Hollywood Records)
Bridge Attack...by Bill Whelan from Some Mother's Son (Celtic Heartbeat)
Dance: Greg's Rhythm/Reels: The Blackberry Blossom/Branohm/The Silver Spear/The Musical Priest/The Flowers of Red Hill...by Fergal O'Murchu, Maurice Lennon, Gary Roche and friends from Ragus an seo (Gael Linn)
The Grey Fox (Main theme)...by The Chieftains from Film Cuts (RCA)