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Fiona and Jean Ritchie at the Swannanoa Gathering

Jean Ritchie, a treasure of American music, is credited with having revived interest in the Appalachian dulcimer.  She was also a songwriter, singer, song collector and author.

Hear clips from a Ritchie reunion, attended by an intimate audience at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, all attending the Swannanoa Gathering summer music camp.  Audience members were invited to ask Jean some questions to round out the time we spent together.

Hope you enjoy these exclusive extras from a very special radio program.

Jean answers a question from the audience about her Appalachian dulcimer.

Jean talks about her songwriting, including "The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore," "Black Waters" and "Blue Diamond Mines."  She also recites and sings "None But One."

Jean gives background to the ballad Hiram Hubbard and sings with her son Jon Pickow on banjo.

Jean offers advice to singers.