Rhymers Glen - A New Dance E-mail
Get that party going with a new dance for the New Year!

Scottish Country Dance teacher Connie Irvine recently taught us all a well-known dance on the radio.  Easy!  Now she shares a brand new dance, “Rhymer’s Glen,” which we want you to try (the original music debuted on Thistle during Connie's interview).  Not so easy!  This dance was devised by Connie and only recently introduced to her own classes in the Borders of Scotland, and she shares it exclusively with us here.  You'll need 4 couples to form your set.  Maybe someone can have a go at the tune on your old piano.  Let us know how you get on!


Rhymer’s Glen.  32 bar reel  2006           © Connie Irvine

1-8        1st, 2nd, 3rd couples dance reels of three on own sides (1st couple dance in and down, 2nd couple out and up, 3rd couple in and up joining hands with partners top and bottom of reel) 1st couple finish in centre facing  down, 2nd couple facing up nearer hands joined.

9-16      1st and 2nd couples dance half-rondel.*  1st couple finish facing own sides between 2nd and 3rd couples as in double triangles.

17-24    Double triangles on last two bars. 1st couple pas de basque round each other to finish facing down in centre of set.  2nd and 3rd couples set for all eight bars.

25-32    1st couple dance down between 3rd couple, divide, cast up and meet in middle, dance up between 2nd couple and cast off to 2nd place.**

             Repeat with next two couples.

** On second turn 1st couple cast to 4th place, 4th couple step up ready to start the reel.

(*What's a Half-rondel?:

 1-4     1st couple dance under arch made by 2nd couple cross lady in front to opposite side,

 5-8     1st , 2nd couples set nearer hands joined cross over LEFT HAND.

J. Drewry rondel book.)
This new tune was composed for Connie Irvine to accompany her dance "Rhymer's Glen."