September 20, 2018

Program 1843: From the Archives – 2 (September 20, 2018) Week 38

Host Fiona Ritchie selects more memorable moments from the past decade of her radio shows.

Two Shetland Reels...by Solas from All These Years (Thl Records)
The Stride/Tom Doherty's/The Contradiction/Viva Galicia…by Solas from The Words That Remain (Shanachie) 
Pastures of Plenty…by Solas from Reunion (Compass) 
Black Annis…by Solas from Reunion (Compass) 
Lia Fail: The Stone of Destiny (excerpt)…by William Jackson from Duan Àlbanach (Mill Records)
Iona Theme…by Ossian from Dove Across the Water (Iona)
[ID Break All These Years...by Solas from All These Years (Thl Records)
Bonnie Border Lass (guitar intro)...by Archie Fisher from Windward Away (Red House)
Silver Coin...by Archie Fisher from Sunsets I've Galloped Into... (Greentrax)
Adam Cameron...by Archie Fisher from Will Ye Gang, Love (Green Linnet)
The Kid on the Mountain...by Alison Kinnaird (with Patsy Seddon) from The Harp Key (Temple)
The Judges Dilemma/The Inverness Gathering...by Sileas from Delighted With Harps (Green Linnet)
May Colvin...by Sileas from Play on Light  (Greentrax)
Roarie Bummlers...by Solas from All These Years (Thl Records)