September 07, 2017

Program 1789: Harpers (September 07, 2017)  Week 36

Hear innovation on an ancient instrument with harpers William Jackson, Wendy Stewart, Maire Brennan, Grainne Hambly, Savourna Stevenson, and Alan Stivell all feature in an hour dedicated to small harps.

Harp de Vies…by Alan Stivell from Back to Breizh (Disques Dreyfus)    
Calman the Savourna Stevenson from Celtic Harp (Cooking Vinyl)
The Pure William Jackson from Inchcolm (Linn)
The Crib of Perches/Garrett Barry’ Gráinne Hambly from Between the Showers  (Shamrock)
Mo Robairneach Catherine-Ann MacPhee from Sùil Air Ais: Looking Back (Greentrax)
6/8 and Wendy Stewart from Standing Wave (Greentrax)
Johnnie Ceolbeg from Seeds to the Wind (Greentrax)
ID EXCERPT: Flying to the Fleadh…by Gráinne Hambly from Between the Showers (Shamrock Moya Brennan from Two Horizons (Decca
Full Fathom Méav from Silver Sea (Celtic Collections
Comb Your Hair and Curl Kim Robertson from The Spiral Gate (Narada The Poozies from Changed Days, Same Roots (Compass)  
The Great The Poozies from Changed Days, Same Roots (Compass)  
E Kreiz Alan Stivell from Beyond Words (Disques Dreyfus)