July 20, 2017

Program 1782: Jazz (July 20, 2017)  Week 29

Luka Bloom and Karan Casey are best known for traditional and contemporary folk song. Hear them and others working with jazz artists to steer their music in a different direction.

Moondance...by Nightnoise from The White Horse Sessions (Windham Hill)
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat...by Tony McManus from Ceol More (Greentrax)  
Fishes Will Fly...by Karan Casey from Two More Hours (Crow Valley)  
Little Impulse...by Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster)  
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face..by Luka Bloom from Head & Heart (Compass)  
Devil's Advocate..by Chris Stout from Chris Stout's Brazilian Theory - Live in Concert (Creative Scotland)
ID Excerpt: Lord Mayo...by Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight...by The Two Sisters: Hilary James and Janet Giraudo from Songs & Chansons (Acoustics
Slippy...by Nuala Kennedy from The New Shoes (Compass)    
10,000 Miles...by June Tabor from Angel Tiger (Green Linnet)  
Cutting the Chord...by Savourna Stevenson from Cutting the Chord (Eclectic)  
All the Prayer...by Gerda Stevenson from Night Touches Day (Gean Records)  
The Beaten Track/A Certain Smile...by Bachue from A Certain Smile (Culburnie)