April 20, 2017

Program 1769: Spring Sounds (April 20, 2017) Week 16

The new spring shoots of music from Celtic roots are ready for broadcast! Eamon Friel from Takeaway (Thran Records)
The Abbey Lift from Molly's Revenge (Molri)
Aint No Runa from Current Affairs (Runa Music) Len Graham from Collected (
En Dro/Carpe Diem/ Daniel Paus from Siren Song (
Las Casas de Catherine John from ¡Fandango Bragh! (Catherine John)
[ID excerpt] Cairo Lift from Molly's Revenge (Molri)
Jig of the Blood Moon/Kylebrack The Fretless from Bird's Nest (The Fretless)
Fhir a Bhà Kristine Barrett from Ancestors (
La Galope Tout l' La Buche from Musique & Cuisine Québécoise (Disques Boghei)
Galway Shawl/Farewell to Ireland/Lady Birr/O'Donnell's Sligo New Road from Stone Walls & Street Lights (
The Hunter Runa from Current Affairs (Runa Music)