March 09, 2017

Program 1763: ThistleRadio New (March 09, 2017) Week 10

Hear some of the recently added tracks that have grown our playlist to more than 1,000 tracks on ThistleRadio, our popular round-the-clock music channel.

The Lochmaben Emily Smith from A Different Life (White Fall)
Braes of Lochiel/La Sharlene Wallace and Kim Robertson from Q&A (Wallace/Robertson)
Fainne Gael an Iarla Ó Lionáird from Foxlight (Real World)
Changing Goitse from Tall Tales and Misadventures (goitsemusic)
Ta Se 'na Goitse from Tall Tales and Misadventures (goitsemusic)
All the Gerda Stevenson from Night Touches Day (Gean Records)
[ID excerpt] Wayfaring Al Petteway from It's Only the Blues (Fairewood)
The Banks of Inverness/The Oriental Polka/The Hanz Araki from Foreign Shore (Little Sea)
All the Way Cathy Jordan from All The Way Home (Blix Street Records) Lilt from Little Falls (Lockhouse Records) Chris Stout from Live in Concert (Chris Stout Music)
Lums o' Catriona McKay from Starfish (Glimster Records)