Press Clippings

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“Ritchie has served as Scotland’s unofficial ambassador to America for more than 20 years.”
Scotland on Sunday

“Ritchie has been given much credit for putting Celtic music on the map (and) has become an institution in America. The music is eclectic and easy on the ears and the voice of Fiona Ritchie is the perfect antidote for any Brit who misses pottering about with Radio 4 in the background. Just add tea and you’re away home!”
Weekly Telegraph, London

“She gives global voice to the rich rhythms and melodies of this resurgent musical tradition.”

“If you know ANYTHING about traditional music, you know the Thistle & Shamrock®. Starting out on a wing and a prayer, this gentle powerhouse has built the program into the most popular world-wide outlet for Celtic music there is....Fiona is the deal.”
Irish American News

“Long may the magic last.”
The Scots Magazine

“Revelling in the intimacy of radio, Fiona Ritchie has become a huge success......Despite all the acclaim, she appears unspoilt, retaining an infectious, bubbly enthusiasm for radio...”
The Stage, London

“Scotland’s secret radio star.”
The Times, London

“Ritchie has an encyclopedic knowledge of the music and its history...”
The Harrisburg Patriot -News

“Undoubtedly the most accessible radio source of Celtic music in America is The Thistle & Shamrock®......Simply, people connect with Celtic music and Ritchie’s presentation of it.”
New Age Voice Magazine, Atlanta

“It is very clear that Fiona is not interested in celebrity status, but is motivated by her love of Celtic music and a desire to share these treasures with people who don’t know about them.”
Creative Scotland

“If anyone proves the irresistible nature of Scottish culture, it is Fiona Ritchie.”
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“Part of Ritchie’s allure is her voice, which comes cloaked in a charming burr...But the show’s real star is the music, which ranges from lively reels to plaintive airs and is played on instruments both familiar and exotic.”
USA Today

“To Ritchie, traditional Celtic music is a living art form, not a collection of museum pieces.”
The Cincinnati Enquirer

“No one has spread the Celtic revival further than Fiona Ritchie.”
The Wall Street Journal

“It begins with the rhythmic tapping of distant drums. What follows is one of the most entertaining hours on radio, a musical montage that evokes the charm and spirit of the British Isles -- Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Brittany.”
The Greenville News

“Fiona Ritchie is the voice of Celtic music in America, and what a voice.”
Carolina Country Magazine

“Fiona has the States going radio ga-ga for Celtic culture.”
Edinburgh Evening News

“The show is wonderful listening and wonderfully educational.”
The Charlotte Observer

“Long after the ringing in your head stops from too much St. Paddy’s Day revelry, the pulse of Celtic music will continue to soothe your soul and move your feet.”
Los Angeles Daily News