May 07, 2015

Program 1667: Fresh Takes (May 7, 2015 ) Week 19

Established artists and old friends bring new music to the show with their latest releases and innovations.

The Immigrant...by Damien Connolly from Inspired  (Damien Connolly)
Thig am Bata...by Ályth McCormack from Homelands (ANE Records)
My Lagan Love/The Maids of Mitchelstown...by Patsy O'Brien from Irish Guitar (patsyobrienswebsite.com)
My Mary...by Jim Malcolm from The Corncrake (Beltane)
Le Rosier...by Le Vent du Nord from Têtu (Borealis)
Alasdair's...by Steph Geremia from The Open Road (Blackbox Music)
[ID Excerpt] Tell Me Now...by Damien Connolly from Inspired (Damien Connolly)
1952 Vincent Black Lightening...by RSAMD 2010 from The Future of Our Past (Greentrax)
The Almost Reel Set...by RSAMD 2010 from The Future of Our Past (Greentrax)
Arrow and Heart...by Eamon Friel from Brave New World (Thran Records)
Same Old Man...by Scythian from Old Tin Can (Scythian)
Cúirt Robin Finley...by Altan from The Widening Gyre (Compass)
The Triple T...by by Altan from The Widening Gyre (Compass)