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January 23, 2014 Print E-mail

Program 1600: New Winter Sounds (January 23, 2014) Week 4

Fiona Ritchie introduces new releases from debuting artists that have caught her ear as well as favorite players who have helped to define the genre. Gillian Boucher from Attuned (
The Hiring Fairport Convention from By Popular Request (Matty Grooves) Simon Mayor from The Art of Mandolin (Acoustics)
The Giant's Cave/Go Ahead, Back Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (
Erin Gra Mo The Jig is Up from On Yer Toes (
Fig for a Kiss/Seahamhac Tube Lilt from Little Falls (Lockhouse
[ID excerpt] The Liz Carroll from On The Off Beat (
Battle Cry of Freedom/Bonaparte's Retreat… by Brian Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (
There is a Time… by Brian Christianson featuring Nicole Christianson from Brian Christianson and Friends (
Celtic Medley: Heman Dubh, The Lost Piper March, Voyage to Ireland, Suite Flamande Aux Pommes, Shi Beag Shi Mhor, The Rakkish Paddy, The Return from Fingal, Jigs: Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla, Flamorgan Air, The Last Pierre Bensusan from Encore (MVD Audio)
Seven Amy White with Al Petteway from Home Sweet Home (Fairewood Studios)