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Program 1595: A Festive Celtic Celebration (December 19, 2013) Week 51 

Join Fiona Ritchie to celebrate the season by exploring festive songs, carols and dances from traditions old and new.

Jigs: Apples in Winter/Frost is All Over/A Merry Christmas...by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig (Musical Bridge)
Christmas Day...by Rhys Jones and friends from An Irish Christmas (Irish Arts Center)
Draoicht na hOiche...by Dordan from A Christmas Celtic Sojourn (Rounder)
Ainglean Chuala Sinn guh-Ard...by Margaret Stewart, Julie Fowlis & Paul McCallum from Brigh na Nollaig (Highland Hospice)
The Holly & The Ivy...by Kerfuffle from Lighten the Dark  (Kerfuffle)
Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel…by Eliza Lynn from 2007 Christmas Songs  (Eliza Lynn)
December Moon...by The Henry Girls from December Moon (Henry Girls)
[ID Excerpt] Angelus ad Virginem...by Robin Bullock from A Guitar from Christmas (Dancing Wolf)
Midwinter Waltz/Christmas Eve...by Bruce MacGregor & Caledonia Canal Ceilidh Trail from Brigh na Nollaig (Highland Hospice)
Before Eternity...by Archie Fisher from Windward Away (Red House)
The Outside Track...by Garnet Rogers from The Outside Track (Snowgoose)
2000 Years Ago...by Jean Redpath from Still the Night (Jean Redpath Records)
Dona Nobis Pacem...by Jean Redpath from Still the Night (Jean Redpath Records)
Dust of Snow...by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Fine Winter's Night (Matt & Shannon Heaton)