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Program 1560:  Hands On (April 18, 2013)   Week 16

Old songs provide a lens through which we can view lifestyles and work-ways, now passed into history, when manual labors filled the day.  Hear of horse-drawn ploughs, hand loom weavers, miners and the men who fished under sail with Davy Steele, Dick Gaughan, Christine Kydd and many more.

Dulaman Altan from Island Angel (Green Linnet)
Heavy Robin Laing from Gentle Giants (Greentrax
Mowing the Fine Friday from Mowing the Machair (Foot Stompin')   
Gone Are the Strong Christine Kydd from Gentle Giants (Greentrax
The Shoals of Herring/The Fish Gutters' Ewan MacColl from Folk on 2: Ewan MacColl (Cooking Vinyl)
The Two Christy Moore from A River of Sound (Virgin)
ID Excerpt: The Real Blues Reel…by Brendan Powers & Mick Kinsella from A River of Sound (Hummingbird Productions)
John Maddie Prior from Lionhearts (Park)
Speed the Plough/The Abbey Reel/The Primrose Paul McGrattan from Claddagh's Choice (Claddagh)
Bringing in the Jim Boyes from All Through the Year (Green Linnet)
The Pound a Week Dick Gaughan from Prentice Piece (Greentrax
Molly Bohinta from The Great Celtic Airs (Keltia Musique)
The Last Trip Battlefield Band from Leaving Friday Harbour (Temple)
The Log Splitter Tannahill Weavers from Capernaum (Green Linnet)