Oct-Dec 2011

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Program 1492: Ring in the New (December 29, 2011)  Week 48

Celebrate the dawn of a new year with a stack of new recordings paving the way into 2012.

The Perthshire Hunt/Kissin' is the Best of A'/Donald Morison...by Bruce MacGregor, Christine Hanson & Friends from Kissin' is the Best of A' (Brechin All Records)
Bound for Botany Bay...by John Doyle from Shadow and Light (Compass)
Tribute to Donal Ward/The Currachman......by John Doyle from Shadow and Light (Compass)
The Verdant Braes of Skreen...by Cherish the Ladies (with Maura O'Connell) from Country Crossroads - The Nashville Sessions (Big Mammy Records)
Shadow Reel/Caravan Reel...by Aurora Celtic from Edge of the World (Aurora Celtic)
Three Fishers...by The Once from The Once (Borealis Records)
Da Foula Reel/Tilly Pump...by Kevin Henderson from Fin da Laand Ageen (Kevin Henderson)
[ID excerpt] Augie Learns to Dance...by Dana Lyn & Kyle Sanna from The Hare Said a Prayer to the Rainbow and Followed the Fox Down the Hole (Dana Lyn Music)
La Mazurka/Tommy Peoples...by Myserk from Fifty/Fifty (Myserk)
Soldier, Soldier...by Bua from Down the Green Fields (Bua Music)
The Happy Days of Youth/Lucky in Love...by Bua from Down the Green Fields (Bua Music)
Sto Me E Milo...by Barbara Dymock from Hilbert's Hotel (Liftfire Recordings)
She Stitched Upon My Heart...by Mairi Campbell from Mairi Campbell (Mairi Campbell)
Ythanside...by Barbara Dickson from Words Unspoken (Greentrax)
An Seanduíne Dóite...by Moya Brennan & Cormac de Barra from Voices & Harps (Beo Records)
Rond de Loudéac/Dans Plinn...by Brizeus from Brizeus (Tidy Cottage)

Program 1491: Fiona's Festive Greetings (December 22, 2011)  Week 47

Join host Fiona Ritchie for a blend of acoustic music for the holiday season, hand picked from her treasure trove recordings and readings.

Jigs: Apples in Winter/Frost is All Over/A Merry Christmas..by Eileen Ivers from An Nollaig (Musical Bridge)
Christmas Day...by Rhys Jones and friends from An Irish Christmas (Irish Arts Center)
Draoicht na hOiche...by Dordan from A Christmas Celtic Sojourn (Rounder)
Ainglean Chuala Sinn guh-Ard...by Margaret Stewart, Julie Fowlis & Paul McCallum from Brigh na Nollaig (Highland Hospice)
The Holly & The Ivy...by Kerfuffle from Lighten the Dark (Kerfuffle)

Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel…by Eliza Lynn from 2007 Christmas Songs  (Eliza Lynn)
December Moon...by The Henry Girls from December Moon (TheHenryGirls)
[ID Excerpt] Angelus ad Virginem...by Robin Bullock from A Guitar for Christmas (Dancing Wolf)
Midwinter Waltz/Christmas Eve...by Bruce MacGregor & Caledonia Canal Ceilidh Trail from Brigh na Nollaig (Highland Hospice)
Before Eternity...by Archie Fisher from Windward Away (Red House)
The Outside Track...by Garnet Rogers from The Outside Track (Snowgoose)
2000 Years Ago...by Jean Redpath from Still the Night (Jean Redpath Records)
Dona Nobis Pacem...by Jean Redpath from Still the Night (Jean Redpath Records)
Dust of Snow...by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Fine Winter's Night (MattandShannonHeaton)

Program 1490: Together We Sing (December 15, 2011)  Week 46

Join in a musical spirit of hope and healing from caring and fundraising collections featuring Tommy Sands, Battlefield Band, Altan and Cerys Matthews.

The Music of Healing…by Tommy Sands from The Heart’s A Wonder (Green Linnet)
The Rocky Shore…Kimberley Fraser & Friends from Celtic & Traditional Lullabies From Our Cape Breton (Cape Breton Lullabies)
Hush, Hush…by Rita Rankin from Celtic & Traditional Lullabies From Our Cape Breton (Cape Breton Lullabies)
Storming the Ceilidh…by Blair Douglas from Angels From The Ashes (Ridge)
The Healing Game…by Van Morrison from Across The Bridge of Hope (White Records) - in aid of the Omagh Fund
Conway’s Farewell/Andy Renwick’s Ferret/Shortcoated Mary…by Battlefield Band from Heart of the Lion (Iona) - in support of the Highland Hospice
ID Excerpt: Sneachd…by Alison Kinnaird from Heart of the Lion (Iona)
Let’s Heal…by Altan with Vince Gill from Hands Across the Water (Compass) - a benefit for the children of the tsunami
An Occasional Song…by Cerys Matthews from Hands Across the Water (Compass) - a benefit for the children of the tsunami
Turn, Turn, Turn…by Dick Gaughan from Redwood Cathedral (Greentrax)
Be Still My Soul…by Beth Nielsen Chapman from Hands Across the Water (Compass) - a benefit for the children of the  tsunami
Peacemaker…by M·ire Brennan from Whisper to the Wild Water (Word)
The Rights of Man…by Eileen Ivers from Wild Blue (Green Linnet)

Program 1489: Winter Heat (December 08, 2011) Week 45

Hot instrumentals and passionate vocals from Kirsty MacColl, Salsa Celtica and Kila offer the perfect insulation against winter’s chill.

Sult Theme…by Sult from Sult: Spirit of the Music (Hummingbird Records)
Tine Gheal…by Anam from Tine Gheal/Bright Fire (Linn Records)
Double Knuckle Shuffle…by Kila from Tog E Go Bog E (Green Linnet)
Ain’t No Sunshine/The Flawless Juggler…by Sileas from Play On Light (Greentrax)
The Lonesome Scenes of Winter…by Cara Dillon from Cara Dillon (Rough Trade)
Melodie Gavotte/Ton A-Boz Gavotenn…by Karma from Nozata (Coop Breizh)
Les Dolois…by Bleizi Ruz from Hent Sant Jakez (Shamrock)
ID Excerpt: Tango to Evora…by Loreena McKennitt from The Visit (Warner Bros)  
Salsa Celtica…by Salsa Celtica from Monstruos Y Demonios-Angels and Lovers (Eclectic )
Isn’t It A Little Late…by Eleanor McEvoy from Yola (Blue Dandelion)
The Barachois…by Chris Armstrong from Quantum Leap (Lochshore)
Suite of Mountain Songs…by Asturiana Mining Company from Patrimoniu (Lochshore)
England 2 Colombia O…by Kirsty MacColl from Tropical Brainstorm (Instinct)
Ra-Li-O…by Baka Beyond from East to West (Narada Media)
The Farewell…by Natalie MacMaster from Live (Greentrax)

Program 1488: Raise Your Voice (December 01, 2011)  Week 44

Solo singing is revered in traditional circles but layers of harmony and massed voices create stunning arrangements of traditional and folk song.  Add your voice to choruses and choirs with Anuna and Gaelic Women and enjoy some of your artists in full voice including The Black Family, The Voice Squad and The Poozies.

The Broom of the Cowdenknowes…by The Black Family from The Black Family  (Dara)
Lassie, Lie Near Me…by Corrina Hewat and Friends from Scottish Women  (Greentrax)
Sail Away…by Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites from Pleasure   (Ooolitic Music)
Mari Lwyd…by Carreg Lafar from Hyn  (Sain)
Novel…by Ensemble Choral du Bout du Mond from Celtic Christmas Music From Brittany (Green Linnet)
Dùlamán…by Anuna from Omnis  (Celtic Heartbeat)
Blow Northern Wind…by Mediaeval Baebes from The Rose  (Nettwork)
Land of Light …by Tannahill Weavers from Land of Light  (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt: Lick the Maypole…by Mediaeval Baebes from The Rose (Nettwork)
Against the Wind…by Máire Brennan from Máire  (Atlantic)
Travellers’ Prayer…by Mairead Ni Dhomnaill & The Voice Squad from Travellers’ Prayer-John Renbourn  (Shanachie)
Canan Nan Gaidheal…by Gaelic Women from Ar Cánan ‘s Ar Ceòl   (Greentrax)
Hush Hush…by Maddie Prior & The Girls from Bib & Tuck  (Park)
Island Spinning Song…by National Youth Choir of Scotland from There’s Lilt in The Song  (NYCOS)
Another Train…by The Poozies from Chantoozies   (Hypertension)
Banba Óir...by Clannad from Banba (RCA)

Program 1487: Made In America (November  24, 2911)  Week 43

Travel from the 1920s to the 1970s listening to the evolving sound of Irish traditional music in the United States.  The 1920s recordings feature Irish legends Michael Coleman and James Morrison, influential for the remainder of the 20th century.  By the mid-‘70s, a large number of artists were keeping their repertoires alive in American homes and music bars.  They included Mick Moloney and Liz Carroll who also play for us this week.

Paddy Fay’s / Tatter Jack Walsh/Hole In the Boat…by Laurence Nugent from The Windy Gap  (Shanachie)
Lord MacDonald/Ballinasloe Fair…by Michael Coleman from The Wheels of the World, Vol. 1 (Shanachie)
The Night Pat Murphy Died…by The Flanagan Brothers from The Wheels of the World, Vol. 2 (Shanachie)
The Tractor Driver/ A Tune For the Girls…by Liz Carroll from Lake Effect (Green Linnet)
Barrel Rafferty’s Reel…by Mike Raggerty & Mick Moloney from Traditional Irish Music in America- The East Coast  (Rounder)
I’m Leaving Tipperary…by Pate White from The Wheels of the World, Vol. 1 (Shanachie)
Sailing Home…by Frank Quinn & Joe Maguire from The Wheels of the World, Vol.1 (Shanachie)
My Irish Molly-o…by De Danann from The Star Spangled Molly (Shanachie)
ID Excerpt: The Piper’s Despair/Julia Delaney’s…by Eileen Ivers from Dear Old Erin’s Isle (Nimbus)
Rakish Paddy/The Wheels of the Worlds…by James Morrison from The Wheels of the World, Vol.1 (Shanachie)
Killarney…by Deirdre Connolly from A Song in Turn (Glentrague Records)
Drowsy Maggie/Scotch Mary/Flogging Reel…by Patrick J. Touhey from The Wheels of the World, Vol. 2 (Shanachie)
A Tribute to Ed Reavy…by The Greenfields of America from  Live in Concert (Green Linnet)
The Conspiracy/Nuala’s Bonnet/The Croton Dam/The Invasion…by Jerry O’Sullivan from The Invasion (Green Linnet)

Program 1486: Pipes 101 (November 17, 2011)  Week 42

Irish uilleann pipes, Scottish lowland pipes, bagpipes from Brittany and Galicia are all cousins to each other and to the most celebrated of the genre, the great highland pipes of Scotland.  We hear various brands of bagpipes and listen through the wild and exciting music they make in the hands of Davy Spillane, Kila, Carlos Núñez and more.

Corryvreckan…by William Jackson from Inchcolm (Linn)
Barlinnie Highlander…by Robert Wallace from Breakout (Lismor)
Fil O Ro…by Smalltalk from Smalltalk (Greentrax)
The Low Country Dance/The Ardvasar Blacksmith/The Black Haired Lad…by Smalltalk from Smalltalk (Greentrax)
A Place Among the Stones…by Davy Spillane from A Place Among the Stones (Columbia)
Turlough’s…by Kila from Lemonade & Buns (Green Linnet)
ID Excerpt:  Humours of Tulal/Wisemaiden/Bagad Reel…by P.M. Robert Mathieson from Ebb-Tide (Lismor)
Brotherhood of Stars…by Carlos Nunez from Brotherhood of Stars (RCA)
Raggle, Taggle Gypsy…by Carlos Nunez from Os Amores Libres (RCA)
The Return…by Kathryn Tickell from Debateable Lands (Park)
Forest Lodge/Primrose Lass/Miss Girdle…by Hamish Moore & Dick Lee from Farewell to Decorum (Greentrax)
Erin Gra Mo Chroi…by Colm O’Donnell from Farewell to Evening Dances (Bogfire)
St. Nicodem’s Trip…by Ar Re Yaouank from Au Coeur de la Musique Bretonne (Escalibur)
Ebb-Tide…by P.M. Robert Mathieson from Ebb-Tide (Lismor)

Program 1485: Roots Down Under (November 10, 2011)  Week 42

Australia and New Zealand have thriving Celtic communities led by bands Colcannon and Rua.  Meanwhile Aussies Luke Plumb and Steve Cooney have made the journey to the northern hemisphere, settling to make their fine music in Scotland and Ireland.

Music From the Jungles of Caledonia…by Rua from Ao-Tea-Rua (Greentrax)
Freedom Calling…by Colcannon from Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax)
John Brosnan's…by Begley & Cooney from Meiteal (Kells)
Poor Man's Labour…by Jacky Tar from Defenestration (Global Routes)
Bring It Down…by Live Bait from Gone By Lunchtime (Live Bait)
Dusty Window Ledge/Bonnie’s Blue Brozzie …by Crannog from Let’s Not and Say We Did  (Crannog))
Lament II…by Banshee Reel from An Orchestrated Litany of Lies (Loaded Records)
ID Excerpt: Star of the County Down…by Banshee Reel from Culture Vulture (Banshee Reel)
Cailleach An Airgead/Whelan’s Frolics/Pay the Reckoning…by Dougal Adams & Ormonde Waters from The Good  Ear  (Adams Waters)
Leaving Nancy…by Eric Bogle from At This Stage (Greentrax)
Pokarekare ana…by Billy Connolly from Musical Tour of New Zealand (Pure)
Lakota Lament…by Neumegan & Sanders from The Journey Begins (KEA Music LTD)
Mice…by Jacky Tar from Defenestrating (Global Routes)
Carboni's Farewell…by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)
Waves of Rush…by Jacky Tar from Defenestrating (Global Routes)

Program 1484: Canadian Celts (November 03, 2011)  Week 42

Fresh sounds from Beolach and Slainte Mhath builds upon foundations laid down by such Canadian greats as Mary Jane Lamond and Fiddler Natalie MacMaster.  Hear Natalie’s Cape Breton dance music live in its natural element: the square dance at Glencoe Mills Hall.

Lothian Lasses/Freddy’s Reel/Reel for Spanky Ryan/ Mutt’s Favorite…by Beolach from Beolach (Beolach Music)
Reels…by MacIsaac & MacIsaac from Fiddle Music 101 (MacIsaac & MacIsaac)
The Drummer…by Mary Jane Lamond from Lan Duil (Wicklow Records
The Big Hollow…by Tracey Dares & Paul MacNeill from Castlebaymusic.com (Castlebaymusic)
Barque In the Harbour…by Great Big Sea from Sea of No Cares (Zoe Records
Racket in the Attic…by Barra MacNeils from Racket in the Attic (Greentrax)
ID Excerpt: Ox…by Slainte Mhath from Va (Greentrax
La Banqueroute/La Reel St. Jean…by Scruj MacDuhk from The Road to Canso (Manitoba Film & Sound)
The “8” Set…by McMullen & St. Maurice from Fingerboard Grooves (Fingerboardgrooves)
Ballinderry…by The Cottars from Made in Cape Breton (McDermott Entertainment
Grand Promenade…by Natalie MacMaster from Natalie MacMaster Live (Rounder
Big Jigs (1999)…by Slainte Mhath from Slainte Mhath (Slainte Mhath)

Program 1483: Creepy Ceilidh (October 27, 2011)  Week 42

Traditional songs and tunes guide us through the rich and imaginative world of Celtic folklore, where we dwell among eerie ballads, strange melodies and supernatural tales with Karan Casey, Alan Stivell, Chantan and the Mediaeval Baebes.

The Goban/Halloween Jig...by Maire Breatnach from Angels Candles (Maire Breatnach)
Who Put the Blood…by Karan Casey from The Winds Begin to Sing (Shanachie)
Drop of Blood…by Maddy Prior & The Girls from Bib & Tuck (Park Records)
Dark Reel…by Fraser Fifield from Honest Water (Tanar Records)
Hark! Merlin’s Harp Waketh!/The Young Boy and the Harp….by Alan Stivell from Beyond Words (Dreyfus)
The Tale of Tam Lin…by Bill Jones from Panchpuran (Compass Records)
ID Excerpt: Samhain Set…by Maggie Sansone from A Traveler’s Dream (Maggie’s Music)  
Lucifer’s Polkas…by Robert Fish Band from Dances With Fish (Tartan Tapes)
The Witches’ Reel…by Chantan from Primary Colours (Culburnie Records)
The Grey Cock…by Ceoltoiri from Silver Apples of the Moon (Maggie’s Music)
The Snake…by Mediaeval Baebes from The Rose (Nettwerk America)
The Riverside Aby…by Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila from May Monday (Northside)
Eynhallow Soond/The Halloween Flit…by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley from Huldreland (Greentrax)

Program 1482:  Live Vibe (October 20, 2011)  Week 42

From Old Blind Dogs in the Midwestern U.S. and The Chieftains in Dublin, to Skolvan in Italy and Skyedance in Spain, this week's live recordings prove what we already know: Celtic music has worldwide appeal, is on the move and is best experienced live.

A Man’s A Man For  a’ That…by Old Blind Dogs from Play Live (Green Linnet)  
Brian Boru’s March/ Nine Points of Roguery/The Magpie - Pretty Gals/Down the Old Plank Road…by The  Chieftains from Live in Dublin (RCA Victor)  
Reels…by Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul from Private live recording - not available
Singing Land…by Dougie MacLean from Live From the Ends of the Earth (Dunkeld
Edmonton Airbis/Craighie Dhu…by Dougie MacLean from Craigie Dhu (Dunkeld)   
ID Excerpt: Up South…by Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy from The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland in Concert (Monarch)  
Pony Boy/Never Tire of the Road…by Mozaik from Live From the Powerhouse (Compass)
Passing Places/Universal Hall…by Fred Morrison & Jamie McMenemy from The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland in Concert (Monarch
The Spark…by Skyedance from Live in Spain (Culburnie
Festival Lights…by The McCalmans from Festival Lights (Greentrax)  
Scraping the Barrel..by Shooglenifty from Radical Mestizo (Compass)

Program 1481: Tucked Away (October 13, 2011)  Week 41

Celtic musicians are often interested in forging a global fusion. Here are some that also strive to preserve distinct regional voices.  They include flute player Cathal McConnell’s with a collection of old field recordings and more hidden treasures with singers Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh and Christine Kydd, and fiddlers Pete Clark and Chris Stout.

Brucie and the Troopers/ The Flowers of Red Hill/ Where’s My Mace?....by Slainte Mhath from Imeachd:Odyssey (Hebcelt
Milltown Lasses/Lady Gardener’s Troop...by Brenda McCann, Pat McManus from  Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Kate From Ballinamore… by Annie MacKenzie from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Top of the Hill/Katie’s Lilt...by Francis Rasdale, Cathal McConnell & John, Pat & Fintan McManus from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanach Music)
The Enchanted Lady/The Maids of Castlebar...by John Gordon & Charlie Lennon from  Within a Mile of Kilty (Cló lar-  Chonnachta)
Brid Bhán...by Anna & Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh from Trad Tráthnóna (Tionscnamh Lugh
The Rocks of Bawn...by Ian Smith from Trad Tráthnóna (Tionscnamh Lugh)  
Boil the Breakfast Early/New Mown Meadows...by Johnny Connolly from An Mileoidean    (Cló lar-Chonnachta
ID Excerpt: The Opera Reel (Lilting)…by John & Valerie McManus, Cahtal McConnell from Hidden Fermanagh (Fermanagh Music)
Lord Gregory...by Christine Kydd from Dark Pearls  (Culburnie)
Miss Douglas’s Strathspey/Mrs MacLeod of MacLeod’s Strathspey/ Miss Mercer’s Reel/Miss Ann Mackay’s Favourite/Miss Barbara Hay’s Favourite...by  Pete Clark from MacKintosh at Murthly (Inver)  
An Melwez...by Dalla from More Salt! (Dalla Records)  
Three Knights/An Vug E’n Loor...by Dalla from More Salt! (Dalla Records)  
Phil Alexander's….by Chris Stout from Devil's Advocate (Greentrax)

Program 1480: Harlaw Scotland 1411 (October 06, 2011) Week 40

Music and song have carried the story of the Battle of Harlaw through the centuries. Fiddler Bonnie Rideout and a gathering of musicians have recorded ancient music commemorating the 600th anniversary of the battle. Travel back in time with them and music historian John Purser who tells us of this legendary conflict in the age-old struggle between war and peace.

Rothiemurchus Rant...by Bonnie Rideout and Grant Herreid from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Battel Harloe...by Al Petteway from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Black Donald's March to Harlaw...by Paula Glendinning and Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Harlaw Brosnachadh...by Allan MacDonald and Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Cogadh no Sith - War or Peace...by Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Battel Garlan...by Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Battel Harloe...by Ronn MacFarlane from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
ID excerpt: Battel Harloe... by Wiliam Jackson from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
The Battle of Harlaw, Ballad...by Andrew Hunter, William Taylor,  and Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Battel Garlan...by Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Battel Harloe...by Chris Norman from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
The Battle of Harlaw, Ballad...by Elizabeth Stewart from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
The Battle of Harlaw Piobaireachd...by Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)
Cath nan Eun - Battle of the Birds...by Barnaby Brown and Bonnie Rideout from Harlaw Scotland 1411 (Tulloch)